The release of X-Men #4 brings a new story, new conflict and a new look into the all-female mutant team. The issue seems relevant with the Californian wildfires raging right now with their own weather patterns. A greater storm is brewing for our team-that-could-be-a-team. Can they survive past the first arc? Let’s find out.

There are two sides to this issue, one I love and one I sorta love. The lovable side of course focuses on Wolverine and his gal pal and her not-magical baby. Wolverine with children never gets old. He has a secondary ability to make little kids cuter in his presence and with added Jubilee the outing is extra fun. It’s nice to see some reflection on the past and this cements that Jubilee is gonna be Miss Mom from here on out.

As much as I dislike babies, I’m glad Shogo’s staying. Every team should have a judgmental infant. The moment he gets kidnapped or starts crawling around in the middle of a battle though, I’m off the baby boat. (I give it a year before Future-Shogo comes back to avoid some apocalyptic shenanigans. Oh wait.)

Conflict is brewing in the team. Didn’t take long to draw sides. On one end we have Storm who has the experience and mo-hawk to lead the team and on the other we have Rachel raising moral concerns about Storm’s decision making. Thank Brian Wood for not making this isn’t a tacky cat fight. Their discussion sounds like two adults talking about what happened in issue three. Lacking proper emotional attachment to Karima-pre-Akrea, my loyalty is with Storm about the many outweighing the few. However, Rachel has valid points about looking out for the members of the team.

Overall, this issue cements the need and background for the team. The women respond to real threats, they’re qualified and have potential to grow into the next big X-Men team. While conflict sells issues, team dynamic sells series. This comic still has plenty of team dynamic.

Next issue is a tie-in to Battle of the Atom so I’ve got some serious reading to do. I’m hoping our team survives its first cross-over.

X-Men can be purchased online at Comixology or on Marvel’s website.

Overall Score
85 %

A fun book that establishes the team and brings in extra cute. And Rogue is pretty awesome in this one too.

Action 85%
Writing 80%
Art 80%
Level in which I need Jubilee's leggings 100%

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