X-Factor #37 cover

X-Factor #37 cover

First and foremost here today folks, let us all thank the mighty gods of comic books for slapping Marvel across the face in a very forceful manner in which caused them to bring back the (pardon my French) fucking incredible art of Valentine De Landro.

Secondly, issues such as this one are the reason I love X-Factor. Peter David has had me craving more and more of this series since day one, and lucky for us, we haven’t had any delays or problems with the series (minus the previous couple of issues that featured some of the worst art I have ever seen in a comic book).

This month is chalked full of X-Factor goodness, drama and laughs. After the break we can divulge more into that. (watch for spoilers)

If you’re just tuning in, in the last few issues of X-Factor, we’ve had two things: terrible art and a plot to kidnap and clone Darwin, our ever-evolving mutant friend. Of course, that means X-Factor is on the case. Meanwhile, Siryn is pregnant with Jamie Madrox‘s baby, Longshot has joined the crew, and Jamie thinks he may be crazy.

Panels like this are the reason I love X-Factor's art and writing.

Panels like this are the reason I love X-Factor

This is where our issue begins.

The search for Darwin continues as he is being held captive by the Karma organization, and Val Cooper is at the X-Factor home base (in Detroit of all places!). As far as things go, this issue was stellar. The plot builds and builds into something fantastic ending with clones of Darwin. Yea, they did it. Oh, and the baby’s coming. Seriously. Siryn’s water breaks at the end of the issue.

The writing is ever-so-great, but that is to be expected given that I really think Peter David can do no wrong in this series. There are moments in Jamie’s inner dialogue where you truly feel as insane as he is feeling. Adding onto that, the conversation between Siryn and Val Cooper is so powerful and passive aggressive your palms really begin to sweat in anticipation at what is coming next. It’s like death threat after death threat as these two converse. Sheer brilliance.

The art…. well it doesn’t really matter because it’s amazing. Valentine De Landro simply blows your mind with his pencils and adding in the perfect combination of Craig Yeung as inker and Jeromy Cox as colorist and we get what we all want out of a comic book: beautiful art of our favorite characters all put together to make a well portrayed comic book. From what I can see on Marvel’s site, De Landro is going to be around for the next 3 issues and I’m hoping he stays on forrrreeevvvverrrrr.

Then panels like this give me even more reason to love Peter David's writing...

Then panels like this give me even more reason to love Peter David's writing...

I can’t wait to read next month’s… I mean the baby is coming! Hell yes to X-Factor #37.

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