Wonder Woman #23

The latest issue of Wonder Woman is the most deific installment of the series to date.

This has been the meatiest, most emotionally draining escapade for our beloved Wondy since the reveal of her real daddy (hint: it’s not clay, that’s for sure). This issue is such a game changer, giving Wonder Woman a new (and very important) family job. In the cleverest twist of fate, the position that Diana receives seems to be the opposite of her character and moral standing. Just thinking about the future of the book gives me goosebumps.

The climax and denouement of Wonder Woman’s fight with the most hateful and evil villain to date both occur in this single issue. Those right there make this an intense and action packed installment.  The final (?) brawl between Our Favorite Amazon and The First Born is simultaneously epic and anticlimactic.

I mean, Our Favorite Amazon reaches some new level of kaio-ken, and Orion and War each get a shot at the First Born, yet I feel like it didn’t take that much to finish the guy off. His defeat, even with that magnificent finishing blow, is one of the weaker parts of the issue. Another weakness was that Wonder Woman seemed to be able to do quite a bit of self-reflection while in the middle of an insane battle.

Every other issue Wonder Woman learns some lesson about violence, and it feels a bit out of place this month. Although, with the game changing job that Wondy receives, it makes sense as to why Azzarello would have her talk about the downside of violence. Besides that minor grievance, Azzarello’s characterization is spot on. He knows these characters so well, even the ones who are less developed than others. There’s heart and story in this issue, and with mainstream comics it can be hard to find both of these things done well.

Cliff Chiang’s artwork is the soul mate of Brian Azzarello’s writing. Chiang captures the hopelessness, fear, grief, and arrogance that is heavily featured in this issue. The guy is also capable of drawing a mean looking army. The last six pages are gorgeously laid out, and that final page is a doozy in its serenity and sadness.

A major chapter in the Odyssey of Wonder Woman has come to an end. Diana is going to have to deal with the grave responsibilities that come with her new job in the family business. I have no clue how Azzarello is going to handle this new found position of power for Diana, but as long as he stays true to the morals and character that he has established in Our Favorite Amazon, then the next chapter of this mighty epic should be just as satisfying as the last.

Overall Score
98 %

Writing 95%
Art 100%
Wondy Being Wondy 100%

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