Issue #20. I love how the hands look like they belong on some ancient Greek pottery.

Issue #20. I love how the hands look like they belong on some ancient Greek pottery.

Boy howdy, are our heroes in for the fight of their lives or what? This issue marks the crossing of paths of Team Wondy and The First Born. It’s clear that Brian Azzarello has been setting up for this encounter for quite some time now, and the initial confrontation certainly pays off. So once again, I am here to rave about yet another issue of Wonder Woman.

What I really love about this issue is the plethora of characters that get the chance to speak and reveal just a little bit more of their personality to the readers. The beginning scene of Dio, Apollo, and Poseidon was an entertaining exchange between characters who are related by blood (keep in mind that it’s god blood, meaning that one can be romantically involved with one’s sibling and no one bats an eye) yet have not had any scenes together.

Also, Poseidon looks so hilarious compared to everyone else, how could you not enjoy any of the moments which he appears in. With the three of the arrogant blowhards together, the reader gets a better sense of how these blowhards differ. Poseidon comes off as funny and humorous for once in this series. Apollo, being the young buck that he is, has this naive idea of bringing a new era to Olympus. Here we finally see that Apollo is a little bit more than just power-hungry, which was definitely needed to add some depth to this character. And I still have no clue what to make of Dionysus, with his pointy teeth and rock star hair. Though he hasn’t really had too much to do, this interpretation of a Greek god has been the most unique and different to me, other than perhaps Hades.

I can’t stress enough how refreshing it is to see a figure like Artemis, who has inspired superhero aliases, and is often portrayed as a positive role model in modern adaptations, be used as a “villain” or antagonist in Azzarello’s story. However, there isn’t much depth to her. She’s just the arrogant twin sister of Apollo who was embarrassed by getting punched in the face by Wonder Woman. Artemis’ character is an example of having too many people in a story create a lack of motivation in the villains beyond arrogance/pride. As previously mentioned, it took 20 issues to understand a little better Apollo’s motivation for all of this hubbub he has created.

Goran Sudzuka’s art has never looked more perfect and more suited for Wonder Woman. His fight scene between Diana and Artemis is epic, and he does a fantastic job illustrating the restraint that Diana is using in order not to damage the city. Cliff Chiang shows off his stuff during the pages of dialogue on Mount Olympus, providing us with that hilarious depiction of Poseidon. Sudzuka’s and Chiang’s work on the series is one of the reasons that I keep coming back for more of this series.

The issue ends with Team Wondy, minus Wondy, running into the First Born and his travel companion Cassandra. We learn some MAJOR news that involves Cassandra and Lennox and a rather violent game of tonsil hockey (This is probably my grossest joke. Guess you’ll have to read the issue to see if it’s inappropriate or not). Azzarello’s decision to depict Cassandra in this new light is an interesting one, considering her mythological counter part.

My hope for the next issue is that we readers gain further insight into Lennox’s, and maybe even Hera’s past. Overall, this issue was another fantastic installment, really showing us what Wonder Woman is capable of in terms of power. With some of the same gods being featured for several issues, the story could put more focus on them from time to time to give us a better sense of why they do the crazy things they do.

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