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Remember last month when I told you to go out and get Wolverine #67? And remember the month before when I said to get Wolverine #66? Well, guess what I am going to tell you this month? GO GET WOLVERINE #68!!!! Unless you are a masochist and don’t want to do what is good for you, you really should heed my advice. Honestly, you don’t even really have to read the rest of this review, I’ll tell you right now: I loved it. But if you are interested read on.

In the last issue, Logan and Hawkeye made it to Las Vegas, where they found out that Hawkeye’s daughter (who happens to also be Spider-Man‘s granddaughter) is being held captive by the new Kingpin. This month, we pick up from that point and continue to follow the adventures of this unlikely pair of geriatrics. So, with a belly full of beer, just like Logan (seriously, I was just at the pub), I’ll have my full review following the break!

I am constantly surprised at how well Mark Millar manages to build up this story. Each issue, I think “this is so amazing. How can he possibly top this?” And what does it do the issue? He tops it! And this month is no exception. Like the rest of the series, there was quite a bit of dialog setting up the story and not a whole lot of action to start. Logan and Hawkeye take off to try to save Hawkeye’s daughter from the Kingpin. This is where the action picks up. Unlike the previous issues, however, the action here was not only bloody and intense, but also useful to the story. And by the end of the issue, my jaw was on the floor because of a shocking twist and then an amazing final page that leaves me aching for the next issue to come out. Seriously, Mark and Steve, I need this issue soon. I don’t know how long I can wait!

Wolverine #68 Page 6

Wolverine #68 Page 6

Speaking of Steve, Steve McNiven‘s art is as expected in this issue. Like the rest of my reviews, I can’t even put into words how much I love this guy’s art. He does an outstanding, brutal scene near the end that I would love to have on a poster. It is just gruesome and beautiful. And there is a 3-panel sequence of Hawkeye killing some guys that works so well. I am so glad Mark Millar is a good enough writer to let McNiven tell a story with pictures when it is necessary. Finally, as I have said before, McNiven does such an amazing job with the characters. Their faces show so much emotion. I really hope this guy does a lot of Marvel work in the future. I would love to see him team up with Ed Brubaker on Cap or Daredevil.

So there you go. Short, sweet and to the point. And the point is: you need to be reading this book. Despite it seemingly having nothing to do with continuity (we’ll see), it is just a great story. And isn’t that what comic books should be?

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3 Responses to Wolverine #68 Review

  1. Jeff Lanning says:

    OMFG, seriously, OMFG! i can’t decide whose more of a bad ass, Hawkeye, Wolverine or mother fucking Mark Millar for writing them both so god damn bad ass!

  2. Jake Cole says:

    Tomorrowing I’m setting up a pull list at my LCS (my first one!) and this is at the top of my list. I’m also subscribing to Millar’s FF, Marvel 1985, Kick-Ass, Loeb’s Hulk, Invincible Iron Man, and Whedon’s Buffy and Angel.

  3. Jake Cole says:

    And I’m not sure why I spelled tomorrow “tomorrowing.”