After last week’s huge list of Marvel releases, this week is going to be, as expected, a little slow. Still, there are quite a few great comics coming out this week that you should be looking forward to. We have an all new month starting in Amazing Spider-Man, where we are assured to get some questions answered. We also have the end to the extremely popular (and personal favorite) series Dark Tower: The Long Road Home. There is also a brand new comic coming out, Patsy Walker: Hellcat that looks pretty decent. And from DC, we have the continuation of the Batman R.I.P. arc. Hang on to those comic book hats, cause I have recaps and predictions coming up after the break!

First up, let’s talk a little about the next month in ASM (it is just easier to do the whole month, since it is a weekly comic). Last month, we left Spidy with a nice wrap-up after defeating The Bookie and his father. The Bookie, however, knows that Spider-Man is being set-up in the Spider-tracer murders, though he doesn’t know by who. While this little mini-story line is wrapped up, there are still tons of outstanding questions in the ASM book. Among these: Who is The Menace (yeah, I know, almost forgot about that one, huh? Been so freaking long) and who is framing Spider-Man? We have been told, and it is also hinted at the end of the last issue, that we are going to have a 3-way wrap-up this week (or at least this month). So here is hoping that we get some answers and we can move on to more stuff in the Spider-Man world (like Peter and MJ getting back together. Yeah, I know, not going to happen for awhile.)

The Stephen King-inspired series The Dark Tower: The Long Road Home, is wrapping up this week. Of course, this isn’t the end for Roland and his gang of Gunslingers. We’ll have them back again in September with Dark Tower: Treachery, which just sounds badass. Until then, you’ll have to get your Fantasy/Western fix this week. Last month, Roland, still stuck in that pink grapefruit orb thingy, met with The Eater of Worlds. They talked about some stuff, and Sheemie shows up, gets shot, somehow heals himself, and then shrinks down and goes inside the Grapefruit to save Roland. This month, we’ll probably see Roland getting rescued by Sheemie, who will probably die, and then the 3 Gunslingers will return home and somehow, the next arc will probably be set up. I am pretty excited to see how this is going to end and looking forward to the next arc in September.

New from Marvel this week is Patsy Walker: Hellcat. As far as I know, Hellcat has been mostly a minor character in guest roles in various comics. Not really sure why I am looking forward to this one as much as I am. I don’t really know a lot about the character, but Brian Michael Bendis (seriously, can I go one post without mentioning that guy?) mentioned the artist at one of the panels at Wizard World Chicago, so it might end up being good. Check it out.

Finally, I am pretty excited to see the continuation of the Batman R.I.P. arc by Grant Morrison. I just started reading Batman for the first time at the beginning of this arc, but I have to tell you, I am blown away by the writing, the art and the story so far. Basically, Batman thinks this organization called The Black Glove is out to get him, but no one knows who they are or if they even exist. At the end of the last issue, Batman was beginning to question his own sanity, as he is not sure if the secret organization is real or not. Also, everyone else in Batman’s life is questioning his sanity as well. At the end of the last issue, Alfred is brutally attacked and looks seriously injured. This month, we’ll see what happens to him, what is going on with Batman’s mental health and, according to the end of the last issue, the return of the first Batman (whoever that is). Pick up Batman #678 if you’ve been reading R.I.P. or start from the beginning (#676) if you want a great Batman story arc.

That’s all for this week, kids. Check back in the next couple of days for reviews of some of this week’s comics and more comic goodness.

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