Supergirl #34 Cover

Supergirl #34 Cover

Wow. It’s October already. it feels like just yesterday we were in the middle of July and I was writing about comic book solicitations for this month. And now it is here. For many of us here at, classes are in full swing. For me, midterms are already starting next week. Where did this year go? Unfortunately, with more school comes less time for comics. I got way behind last week and here it is Tuesday and I still haven’t finished reading everything from last week.

Luckily, things slow down this week and we all get a little time to catch up. Unfortunately, slow week means not as many good reads. Still, I managed to pick out 4 little gems (from 3 different publishers, no less!). We got a new arc in one of my Marvel favs, a second issue in a really cool Marvel mini-series, a new direction for one of my DC guilty pleasures and my indie pick from one of the biggest names in comics. Don’t go anywhere, weekly previews coming at ya!

Cable #7 Cover

Cable #7 Cover

Cable #7

New arc in Cable? Can I get a “hell ya”?!?!?! Can’t get enough of Cable. After last month’s King-Size Cable, we understand a little more about what is going on in Bishop‘s head, and hopefully, the series will turn a little more to telling the story from both points of view. This month’s issue is all about Bishop returning to the present and having to deal with X-Force. Sounds pretty badass to me. So don’t forget to pick that one up tomorrow.

Sub-Mariner: The Depths #2

I picked this issue mostly because I needed a 4th book to preview. But, I also picked it cause it was amazing last month and I think more people should know about its greatness. Amazing art and a tantalizing story are prevalent in this book. So far, the Sub-Mariner hasn’t shown up, but expect to him to make his appearance in this issue. I, for one, cannot wait to see what this series holds. And I sure hope it brings the Sub-Mariner back into the Marvel spotlight. So get this issue and pick up #1, if you haven’t already.

Supergirl #34

I’ll admit, Supergirl is a little bit of a guilty pleasure for me. I love the teen-drama that this series brings. I’ve been working to catch up in the series in time for her tie-in with New Krypton, starting next month. However, this month, DC teases that this issue will mark a new direction for Supergirl that will firmly plant her in the DC universe. Good news for all of us Supergirl fans. And not unexpected, since she will play a pivotal role in New Krypton. I highly recommend Supergirl to DC fans. It is a good book and this might just be a great point to jump on.

No Hero #1 Cover

No Hero #1 Cover

No Hero #1

My “indie pick of the week” this week is No Hero #1. It is Warren Ellis. Need I say more? Well, if I do, here is more. I was immediately hooked on this series after reading the zero issue. I’ve been waiting and waiting for the first issue to come out and immediately told my local comic book shop that I wanted this pulled. So, without even reading the first issue, I am buying the whole series. That is how good I think this book is going to be. So there you go. A huge recommendation. Hopefully you don’t need any more reason to at least give this first issue a look. Since it is Warren Ellis, I guarantee you will not be disappointed.

There it is. This week in comics. Four books from around the industry that you should be considering in your purchases tomorrow. It’s a cheap week for almost everyone, so why not pick up something new? Don’t forget to visit your LCS and check out these and many more great comics. Let me know in the comments what you’ll be picking up this week and, as always, HAPPY READING!!!

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  1. spencerD says:

    Hey, thanks for stopping by. I didn’t make it into my local comic shop today, but tomorrow I’m gonna stop by for that No Zero #1. I read the zero issue too, and this series looks like it’s got legs.