Cable #10 Cover

Cable #10 Cover

After two HUGE weeks in comics, this week brings a much needed break, which is great for my sanity (and my wallet). Still, though, there are a bunch of great comics that you should pick up this week at the shop.

Cable #10

This week brings the end of the “Waiting for the End of the World” arc in Cable. Duane Swierczynski has been rocking this series all along, but this arc has really upped the ante on the whole Messiah Complex thing. Will Bishop succeed in killing Cable and the baby? Probably not. But things should continue to get more interesting as we get closer and closer to the big Messiah War crossover with X-Force.

Dead of Night Featuring Werewolf By Night #1

While we are talking about Duane Swierczynski, he’s got another book coming out this week. The Dead of Night series continues from Marvel MAX imprint with the first issue of this limited series featuring Werewolf By Night. Just like the other 2 Dead of Night series, I know nothing about this character, but this series does a great job bringing these minor horror characters back into the spotlight.

Secret Invasion: War of Kings Cover

Secret Invasion: War of Kings Cover

Secret Invasion: War of Kings

Coming directly out of the Inhumans Secret Invasion series and leading directly into the upcoming War of Kings cosmic event comes this one-shot. Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning (aka DnA) never fail to write great cosmic tales and this intro into War of Kings should be no different. Check it out!

Punisher #1

Frank Castle finally matters again in the Marvel universe. Punisher relaunches this week with an all new series by Rick Remender. Punisher is mad as hell about the events of Dark Reign and is looking to do some… well… punishing. Check out this first issue for great, bloody action as only the Punisher can bring.

No Hero #3

This week continues Warren Ellis‘ amazing new series, No Hero. We’ve covered how great this series is several times on this site, so you should know you should be buying it. Just thinking about it makes me wish I was at the comic shop right now…

That’s it for this week, ladies and gents. Don’t forget to make your weekly pilgrimage down to the LCS and happy reading!

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