Secret Warriors #1 Cover

Secret Warriors #1 Cover

Apparently, this is the week of the “#1” issues. Seriously everyone, there’s just a ton of new comics starting this week. If you can’t find something new to pick up, you aren’t trying hard enough! Being that there’s enough first issues to fill 2 of these posts, I’m going to focus completely on these in this post. So check out the list below and pick out a couple of new books to start reading this week!

Secret Warriors #1

Secret Warriors is likely going to be the star book of the week (and probably the month). From the creative brain-mass of Brian Michael Bendis (I like to call him BMB) and written by up-and-coming superstar Jonathan Hickman, Secret Warriors is set up to be the spy book of Dark Reign. Oh yes, Nick Fury and his band of not-so-merry men (and women) are digging deep into the seedy underbelly of Norman Osborn‘s administration and pulling out all the juicy little secrets for us. Don’t miss this one!

Agents of Atlas #1 Cover

Agents of Atlas #1 Cover

Agents of Atlas #1

Since one spy book is never enough, Marvel is also pulling out Agents of Atlas. Now, I don’t know much about this group of old-school Marvel heroes, but from what I hear, the buzz over the return of this team is a pretty big deal. So, I’m going to check it out and you should, too.

Astonishing Tales #1

More Marvel goodness is coming out in the form of the new Astonishing Tales. Basically, each month, this book will be filled with a bunch of mini-stories written by some of Marvel’s best writers and about some of the biggest Marvel heroes. Sure, they aren’t in continuity and they aren’t really all that important, but if you just want some good superhero stories, look no further than this title.

Bad Dog #1 Cover

Bad Dog #1 Cover

Bad Dog #1

I cannot express how excited I am for this new on-going from Image. This little book is written by Joe Kelly, who, if his work on Deadpool leads me to believe anything, will be producing an amazingly funny, dark and explicit comic. I mean, the book is about a werewolf who refuses to turn back to a human and an ex-preacher who likes to shoot things. And they are bounty hunters. How can this not be good?

Black Panther #1

I know what you are saying. “Oh great, Marvel is relaunching another title”. Yeah, they are. But this is different. Cause T’Challa is no longer the Black Panther. In fact, we don’t know who the Black Panther is. We do know that it’s a female now though. You’re not going to want to miss the unveiling of the big mystery of what happened to T’Challa and who the new Black Panther is.

Dead Irons #1 Covers

Dead Irons #1 Covers

Dead Irons #1

As much as I am looking forward to Bad Dog, I think Dead Irons is going to be the runaway indie hit of the week. Jae Lee is providing the art direction, so the art will be spectacular if his work on Dark Tower is anything to go by. If you like zombies and westerns, you are probably going to want to pick this up. And seriously, who doesn’t love zombies and westerns?

The Mighty #1

Just to give DC some props, let’s talk about The Mighty. I have no clue what this comics is about, but Peter J. Tomasi is writing it, it takes place in an alternate universe where there is only 1 superhero and, well, it just looks cool. I’m going to give this first issue a shot. Are you?

So there you go. A bunch of new series for you to check out this week. Don’t forget to check out your local comic shop for these and lots of other great comics. Leave a comment below and tell me about what you are looking forward to this week. And as always, Happy Reading!

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