It’s been a while and frankly I have no excuse. Tuesday Twist-offs were much easier when I had more time and I really don’t have as much as I did when we first started this site. Even though it’s not Tuesday, I’m putting this out.

With that said, I’ve got a few gems for you people this week along with a mini-rating system (and yeah,’you people’ is pointing out the demographic you are in).

My rating system is simply x/10 Twist-offs, so keep up. And five comics works, right? I guess we’ll see…

**probable spoilers after the break**

Amazing Spider-Man #582
The conclusion of the half-logical, maybe-not-so-true explanation of how Harry Osborn didn’t die and a wrap up with some characters I didn’t even know existed (Normie, wtf? — please remember I came into Spidey comics just before Civil War). Overall, I liked this little two-issue arc. Dan Slott always managed to catch me with his writing, but really it was a good addition to the 900 other sub-plots in the Spider-man world right now, but it did wrap up some old loose ends with Harry and Molten Man from way back when. 8/10 Twist-offs

Marvel Zombies #4 (of 4)
Now, I’m just a plain sucker for zombie comics. Marvel Zombies has always had a place in my heart, and when Marvel decided to put Fred Van Lente on this book, my heart went ballistic. With that said, this final issue of Marvel Zombies 3 was an ending I was extremely happy with. The whole conspiracy by the Zombies and the honest humor of Machine Man as well as the comic in general ended things in a way that had me wanting more–as I always do with comics this good. Van Lente knows how to write this style of morbid-humor so well. The art in this comic is paired so well with the story it’s sickening–and also, the gore is great. If you can get ahold of all four issues of this series, go and do it, you won’t be disappointed in the least. 9/10 Twist-offs

No Hero #3 (of 7)
In case you didn’t know, Warren Ellis is an insane person. No Hero #3 proves it. This month’s issue had me tripping balls. The combination of Ellis’ story and Juan Jose Ryp‘s sick and fucking morbid art simply blew me away as we further the story of one man’s mind-fuck-journey into becoming a super hero, but as a side-plot/co-story to this we learn that our esteemed head-boss-character Carrick Masterson have some serious enemies. As expected, this comic is fucking phenomenal. I’m talking so good that just last night I convinced my friend to buy it along with the previous two issues. I’m telling you guys, this comic is like no other out there. 10/10 Twist-offs

X-Men Noir #2 (of 4)
Oh look, another Fred Van Lente title! I bet you can guess how I feel about it: I love it. X-Men Noir is something every real fan of X-Men should be buying. This month’s issue built more into the “who killed Jean Grey?” question of the whole series and we see more dissonance from the Peter (Pietro/Quicksilver) from his father (Magnus/Magneto) as he begins to realize how corrupt the police force he works for is. There is more clever development with Xavier in that is reflected from some of the older X-Men comics and really this comic just makes me smile at how well done it is overall. The art is just stellar and I am really proud to be buying this comic. Oh and there’s some more Remy LeBeau in this, so I can’t complain. 8/10 Twist-offs

Sub-Mariner: The Depths #4 (of 5)
Holy-bajeezus this comic book is suspenseful. I can’t say much more than that. Peter Milligan is simply killing me the way he is building this comic. Frame after frame I’m on the edge of my seat wondering where things are going. This issue finally brings our adventurer to a stand-still as he finally has real proof that something is down in the deep-black waters and boy, this issue leaves you biting your lip in anticipation for next month’s issue. 9/10 Twist-offs

And that’s it for me folks. I’m sure I’ll be pushing for another one of these suckers soon.

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