Hey everyone, I apologize for last week. Due to weather and shitty internet provider I was unable to review the episode so this week we are doing both! Luck you! Watch out because there are going to be some spoilers. The truth is not a whole lot happened last week minus a giant ass shoot out in the last 15 minutes, so I’m glad I didn’t have to wait a week because that shit was INSANE!


In Episode 4, they narrowed down Casper’s “killer” by finding his watch a pawn shop and a Mexican gangster had his finger prints all over it. So naturally they go to his meth house to arrest him on murder charges. This leads to a GIANT FUCKING POLICE SHOOT OUT where cops, gangsters and civilians are ushered into the next life East Coast/West Coast style. Aside from finding out that Taylor Kitsch’s character is gay and Rachel McAdams is brought up on sexual harassment charges from the deputy she slept with in episode 1 that’s about all you need to know. So if you’re like me and after some crazy shit like that happened, grab a beer, sit back and enjoy this weeks True Detective like I did. Also more spoilers yo.


This episode is a short time after the shootout and the case is now closed. Farrell is no longer a cop, he quit and due to that his mustache was evicted from his face. He has quite the arc this episode, not only was the guy that raped his wife captured and arrested a few weeks earlier from when this episode takes place but his custody battle is getting harder. While this is happening McAdams is in sexual harassment training and working as an evidence clerk and Kitsch’s characters is hating life as he is getting married to his pregnant girlfriend. Vince Vaughn has hit some hard times and this episode is spent with him attempting to fix (?) his marriage. When things are looking dire and shitty for our trio, a missing persons all the way back from episode 1 of this season came back and is somehow tied to Casper’s murder (as if we didn’t guess this would happen.) This lead to some really great things, including the lady from the State Attorney’s Office getting a private task force together to hunt down the real killer of Casper.

This episode was fucking brilliant. If it keeps the tone that this one had over the next three then I will be very satisfied. Actually I will go so far as to say I will rematch the season in one day and rewrite my reviews to have a more positive slant. Likewise, if it goes down hill from here (again) I’ll re-watch the season and write new reviews that are not as positive. But with how this episode ends, I’m very excited to see where things go.

This feels like an episode of True Detective.

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