Tim Gibson is the creator, writer, and artist on the critically acclaimed, self-published digital comic series, Moth City–published online and at Comixology. After yesterday’s announcement of Amazon’s acquisition of Comixology, we had a quick conversation with Tim about his thoughts on the matter.

DestroyTheCyborg!: First off, I want to thank you for chatting with us at DestroyTheCyborg! about yesterday’s announcement of Amazon’s acquisition of Comixology. To begin, what were your initial thoughts on the announcement?  

Tim Gibson: Well, I’ve invested a lot of time and effort into getting Moth City working on Comixology, and I’m very happy with how it’s doing. So naturally I spat my coffee out, my knees shook and I may have thrown up a little in my mouth.

Then I realised that Comixology wasn’t Oculus Rift, and Amazon wasn’t from an unrelated industry, but were the world’s biggest distributors of digital books. And I calmed down a bit.

DTC: Did you have any idea that something like this was in the works? 

TG: Nope. But apparently there have been rumours.

DTC: Do you see this acquisition affecting sales Moth City and other self-published comics?

TG: Short term, no. Long term hopefully for the better. It will all come down to who influences who, and how it happens. Amazon has the credit card info of a heck of a lot of people, and their trust to fulfil orders. Comixology has the best comic reading technology around and is better built for the serials format that comic readers love. It’ll all come down to the details.

DTC: Do you think this will help your comic reach a larger audience?

TG: If we see Comixology’s reading technology being used by Amazon, and our books on their platform, then yes. If they remain segregated, then probably not. It would be great for consumers if their Comixology books and account could be synched with their Amazon purchases for instance.

DTC: Have you had any experience with Amazon’s Kindle Comic Creator?

TG: I have had a brief play with it. It seemed ok, but previously the biggest thing stopping creators like me from uploading a lot of stuff to Amazon was a ‘delivery fee’ that punished creators who wanted to provide hi-res comics and larger file sizes, and a pretty quiet market of comics buyers.

DTC: Do you have any initial concerns with what this could mean for self-published comics such as Moth City?

TG: Only if they don’t do the above. I think this could be great. The Comixology team have built an amazing service for both readers and creators. If they stick to their guns and have pride in what they can offer Amazon, then I think we’ll all be happy.

DTC: Any final thoughts? How’s New Zealand treating you?

TG: New Zealand’s great. This won’t make any kind of stir here, we have Prince William and Kate here. Ain’t nothing breaking that front-page death lock.

DTC: Thanks again, Tim!


Make sure you check out Moth City on Comixology–where you can read issue #1 for FREE–as well as the Moth City prelude, The Reservoir. Check out our reviews of the series (which we loved!):

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