Writer El Torres gives us a stellar treat with magic that isn’t mere cheap tricks in the title ‘Westwood Witches.’ Writer Jack Kurtzberg moves back to his childhood home where everything seems perfect and inviting but we quickly learn that just below the surface, Westwood is within the shadow of a coven of wicked housewife witches. So let me introduce you to the biggest witches that creator-owned/independent comics have to offer.

westwood witches issue 1 page

We open issue #1 with a man being chased down in a panic while being injured and maimed by an unforeseen force. Thanks to the art from Abel Garcia, we get a fun play with the shadows and carnage interlaced together. There is a constant sense of impending doom that flows seamlessly through the story. The frustrations of Jack come across well as a writer suffering from writer’s block while trying to follow-up his bestselling series Walpurgis Passion, and  the lamentations of how his childhood home has changed. Each panel is eerie to the point that reading with the lights off will send shivers down the spine.  You will also appreciate the little jabs it takes at the Harry Potter and Twilight book series. The tone for the rest of the series is so well established here that it makes waiting for the release of the next issue is as torturous as what the witches inflict on the community of Westwood.

westwood witches issue page

Issue #2 picks up shortly after issue #1 that left us questioning what connection Jack has with the demon Baphomet after what I consider an all too friendly greeting from the demon. The coven is ready to carry out their plan to sacrifice Jack for the Walpurgis Night. This makes it the creepiest and most frightening thing I have read to date. Again, the art supplements the writing that it sticks with you well after reading.


We see the coven fully using their powers while at their peak during Walpurgis Night. Yes, they are flying on brooms, but not how you would initially picture. It is threatening and sensual at the same time but removed from all sense of humanity. The pacing is so well done from start to finish in this issue that reading it a second time is a well deserved reaction. There is death, mystery, rage, orgies, broom flying, scary head wraps, and human sacrifice all rolled into one sublime issue.


After what seems like an eternal wait we get issue #3. We jump ahead a few days from the earlier events of the last issue. The flow of the story remains consistent and engaging. Some of the character faces do not seem as natural in display of emotions here, however what’s enjoyable about the other issues remains consistent here. The horror thrill ride does not stop. You see a fellow coven member crying blood with snakes coming out of their mouth because they infuriated the coven leader at a funeral, and it only gets better. And that is one of the tamer  panels we see in this issue.


Torres does a good job at making you feel the apathy and rejection of the world as he knows it. Jack, being the main character, does not seem like the main focus here, which is a credit to the book and the storytelling ability of Torres. We jump around a lot more than previous issue between the characters as convergence of plot is happening. No flying brooms here but the blood ritual more than makes up for that.

Final Impressions

Amigo Comics is doing great things with this title. It is only four issues long but wow, is it a real horror show! One of my personal favorite points of the series are the text bubbles for the humans, witches, familiars, and everything else in-between. A distinctive voice for all classes is given that packs a subtle and sometimes neglected punch. You have to read it to grasp how great this is.

Zombies, overdone to the point of being a joke. Vampires, sappy-sparkly-emos. Now witches… this is a horror group that was due for a good resurgence that reminds us why they are classic characters. No special bites are needed to turn them, not convoluted origin story, just a person that educates themselves and learns the dark arts for nefarious purposes. What is truly frightening is that any seemingly good neighbor might be a witch. A witch that is holding rituals to summon demons, ghouls, turning men into dogs, or using what amounts to a voodoo doll to cause great suffering.

If you want to read this series, now is the time to pick it up. Some shops may have issue #1 and #2 on back order, but the wait is worth it!

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Overall Score
95 %

Terrifyingly delicious take on witches and magic. A must read for horror fans that enjoy visceral art and crisp storytelling.

Art 100%
Story 100%
Colors 95%
Pacing 95%

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