Let them eat comics.

What’s on YOUR Pull List?

Mike Rapin

  • Bitch Planet #5
  • Injection #5
  • Ms. Marvel #18
  • Outcast #12
  • The Wicked + The Divine #14

I’m on an image Kick this week and I’m totally okay with it.

Outcast is a book I keep nodding my head too, as if to say, “Yes, please. More of this.” I am still hooked.

Injection is always my jam. Last month’s hint into the history of the focal characters shed more light on what is exactly going on, but in the most mysterious way possible. Ellis knows how to tell a truly serialized story–something that I think a lot of us misinterpret. This isn’t a book of hooks and “Find out next week!” style cliffhangers, this is a long form story told in short parts.

Bitch Planet is back! Woohoo! I’m super excited to see more into this world, especially with the upcoming ‘match’ in the series.

Nick White

  • Batman #44
  • Justice League United #13
  • Ninjak #7
  • Rebels #6

Alright, here’s the truth: last month’s issue of Batman was likely the best issue of the last year.  It had enough plot twists and emotional beats to fill four or five issues of your average comic.  I felt really spoiled, to say the least.  *MINOR SPOILERZ*  I mean, we ended up with a potentially deceased Penguin, the new Batman coming to a realization that a corporate-run Batman might be in the best interest of everyone (but circumventing this comes at a life-endangering cost), we finally have at least some understanding of how Bruce Wayne is a-walkin’ and a-talkin’ and not six feet under, and we get what I think is the first cameo appearance of Clark Kent in Batman.  *Thinks about it.*  Wait.  He was all effed up in Endgame.  Never mind.

Maybe I’ve said it before, but JLU (Justice League United) is the new “this is too weird/out there/incongruous/bizarre…but it needs to end up somewhere for the sake of fanservice” dumping ground.  That role used to be evenly split between JLU and JLD, but with the latter gone, and its potential replacement (Dark Universe) nixed before a single issue could be released, it all rests on JLU.  In the past we’ve had Animal Man, Swamp Thing, Jason Blood/Etrigan, Mera, and more.  But this week?  This week, Jeff Park dials the craziness up to eleven, and includes O.M.A.C., Sgt Rock from Men of War (a fantastic New 52 “war comic” that didn’t survive past its first volume), Steel, and Vandal Savage.  Did I mention Tony Harris covers, and guest art from Paul Pelletier?  DC Fans, DC has taken the time to reinvent this title.

This is, no joke, the third issue featuring Ninjak within the last month.  How?  Well, we had the Fall of Ninjak one-shot, the sixth issue featured guest pencils from (possibly my favorite cover artist) Raul Allen, and this week pencils are handled by the polarizing Juan Jose Ryp, who has been working on Valiant’s Legends of the Geomancer miniseries.  Personally, I don’t mind the guy.  Also, what’s going on, Valiant?  You had Allen last month, Ryp this month, Stephen Segovia next month, and a combination of Ryp and Clay Mann on pencils in November.  Are you making a very concerted effort to match the aesthetics of the Shadow Seven villains with a similar penciler, or is something else going on?

For a period piece, Rebels sure enjoys jumping all over the place chronologically.  as the summary for this arc-closing issue states that the issue takes place “as the War of Independence draws to an end.”  Uhhh……what.  Like, either this book is (A) actually ending, (B) is going to have a book about America’s War for Independence take place largely after said war, or (C) the war is only seemingly ending in Seth’s eyes (when in fact, it is not).  Given that it’s a Brian Wood book, I think he’s got enough clout and readers to prevent scenario A, and scenario B would be interesting for me (but probably not for a lot of readers), so scenario C seems likely…if a bit tricksy.

Attention! I really hope you didn’t actually try to eat your comics…

What’s on YOUR Pull List?

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