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What’s on YOUR Pull List?

Mike Rapin

  • Archie #3
  • Godzilla in Hell #3
  • Rasputin #9
  • Sex #24
  • They’re Not Like Us #8

Archie is Archie. Fun times, clean humor, and a breath of fresh air in a sea of far too serious story lines. Though this is Fiona Staples’ last issue, I will drink it in as much as I can.

Godzilla in Hell is the coolest book on the shelves these days. I had no idea I needed this book in my life, but it has completed a part of me. Something magnificent is being developed here. Read this book.

Sex continues to be a book of many curiosities. It reads like a well constructed television series with no end in sight. I want to know more about everything, and the team on this book continues to deliver every month.

Paul Jaissle

  • 2000 AD prog 1950
  • Archie #3
  • Batman Annual #4
  • Justice League #44
  • Superman #44

I may have fallen off the 2000 AD train so to speak, but this week’s prog is the perfect jumping on point with all new serials, including a new Judge Dredd story from the “America” creative team of John Wagner and Colin MacNeil.

I’m not sure why annuals are still a thing, but this week’s Batman Annual is intriguing since it takes a look at the relationship between Batman and Bruce Wayne. Hint: it’s complicated.

For some reason, I thought that Justice League was out last week. Either way, the last issue ended with Darkseid and the Anti-Monitor about to throw hands, which does not bode well for our heroes.

Nick White

  • Batman Annual #4
  • Book of Death: Fall of Harbinger #1
  • The Disciples #4
  • The Sandman: Overture #6
  • They’re Not Like Us #8

Just what does one do with annuals?  If you read a book in trade format…well, that decision is made for you, either they include it, or they don’t.  If you read a book in singles, you’ve gotta decide if you’re willing to dole out an Abraham Lincoln for this one issue.  And, if you aren’t careful, your LCS will make the decision for you.  PROTIP: If you aren’t sure what your Local Comic Shop’s policy is on annuals…ASK!  As for Batman, the issue “delves into…whether or not Bruce can ever really escape the shadow of the Dark Knight.”  I’m confident of Tynion’s abilities as a writer, but penciler Roge Antonio is a bit of a wild card.  Interestingly enough, he worked on last year’s Batman Annual #3 with Tynion too, and his style bears more than a passing resemblance to Rafael Albuquerque’s work (so much that the cover of last year’s annual was an Albuquerque).

Admittedly, Fall of Harbinger is the “Book of Death” one-shot I’m least excited for.  Don’t get me wrong, I think Dysart/KANO is a more-than-capable team for this book, I’m just not the biggest Harbinger fan.

So the first arc will wrap with the fourth issue of The Disciples, Steve Niles and Christopher Mitten’s horror comic for Black Mask Studios.  I have absolutely no idea where in the world this issue is going, and that’s a good thing.

BIG NEWZ GUISE, Sandman Overture #6, final issue, comes out this week.  Or, at least, it’s supposed to.  The issues have been so spaced out that I’m gonna have to dig up the others….or end up buying the dang trade in December.  Maybe that was their sinister plan from the get-go.  Lord only knows I can barely even recall a fragment of what happened in the last issue, save any of the early ones.  My lingering suspicion is that the story itself hasn’t actually been fantastic.  It’s best to regard these half-dozen issues as a showcase of JH Williams III’s otherworldly talent.

They’re Not Like Us managed to get itself off my“potential cut” list a few days back, when the seventh issue successfully shifted gears for the book.  The real question is, just where is The Voice?

Attention! So late!

What’s on YOUR Pull List?


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