Comics come and go, but do we? Week to week, are we reading comics as permanent facets of this world, or are they coming to us?

What’s on YOUR Pull List?

Mike Rapin

  • Fight Club 2 #5
  • Rumble #7
  • The Spire #3
  • Wolf #3

Okay, so I finally updated my pull list on comiXology… and yeah. Went from one book to four. Whew.

I’ve been grabbing The Spire when it’s available, but I think it’s finally on my pull list for good. This book is weird and very Simon Spurrier-y, and that’s pretty much why I decided to grab #1. I’m following this book pretty easily, but part of me is worried I’m missing some other thing in the series. Maybe I’m making it up. Nonetheless, I really enjoy this book.

Fight Club 2 was a book I didn’t think I would actually like, but this one is pretty great. Cameron Stewart’s art is pretty hard to argue with and Palahniuk’s writing is pretty on point for this book. If you enjoy/subscribe to the anachronistic story themes and nigh-panic-inducing feeling of a character losing due to things out of their control, this is a good book. I surely enjoy it.

Paul Jaissle

  • Justice League #44
  • Nameless #5
  • Superman #44
  • Wolf #3

The last issue of Justice League ended with the Anti-Monitor and Darkseid –the two biggest baddies in the DCU– about to throw hands. So far, the Darkseid War story has been the sort of over-the-top superhero story I forgot I enjoyed so much: it’s dumb and fun in the best possible way.

Nameless is back to make me uncomfortable.

So far, I am enjoying Wolf due to its ‘Twin Peaks’ vibe. The mix of supernatural and mystery elements fits writer Ales Kot’s style really well, and Freddy Cthonic is my new favorite comic character.

Nick White

  • Book of Death #3
  • Gotham By Midnight #9

You know, I always get sad about smaller weeks like these…until I stare down a huge one the following week.  Then these start to look pretty damn good.

With two issues down, and two to go, some of the puzzle pieces of Book of Death are finally falling into place.  For those of us that tend to read previews and read “sneak peaks,” we also know that *SPOILERS* our “big baddie” is actually Master Darque…a Shadowman villain.  Did I love that series?  Not as much as other Valiant titles, but it’s nice to know that finally taking the time to read some of it will pay off.

Oh, Gotham By Midnight.  Sadly, this series was one of the six or seven titles that DC Comics axed last week.  Much like my other title they canceled, Justice League United, it had undergone some major changes following “Convergence.”  Apparently they weren’t enough to keep either title afloat.  Here’s to hoping that DC recognizes the sheer talent of Juan Ferreyra, and finds one way or another to keep him around.

Attention! Read your comics. They want you to read them.

What’s on YOUR Pull List?

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