Welcome back to another issue of The Weekly Pull List. Back again, with a smile and a thumbs up, I am DestroyTheCyborg!’s Editor-In-Chief, Mike Rapin, and what a great week it is for comics–as always!

This week, our writers have picked out some fantastic comics for their pull lists: Zero #1 from Image, Infinity #3 from Marvel, Swamp Thing #23.1 Arcane from DC, and Buzzkill #1 from Dark Horse. Very few DC pulls this month, I don’t think our writers are digging Villain’s Month…

And as always, we gotta ask:

What’s on YOUR pull list?

Mike Rapin

  • BOUNCE #5
  • X-MEN LEGACY #17
  • ZERO #1

I’m coming close to dropping The Bounce. I’m lost in this series. I want to like it, but I just can’t get into it. Sorry Joe Kelly.

Zero is a big leap of faith. The art in the previews book was killer and the concept sounds great. I’m on board.

Uncanny X-Men will surely be a great continuation of Battle of the Atom. It may be my X-Men bias, but good gracious this crossover event is making me giddy. More so than Infinity.

Nothing in this world will be better than X-Men Legacy. Seriously. This is the best series any X-Men fan can buy. #16 was the best issue in the bunch and it’s only getting better as a series. Simon Spurrier is fantastic. FAN. TAS. TIC.

And damn it, I’m buying into DC’s Villain’s Month with Swamp Thing. Nothing more I can say than that.


  • REVIVAL #14
  • ZERO #1

Almost a blah week for me, but then I was revived…

I still haven’t read Batman Beyond Universe #1 (it’s on a HUGE stack of comics that need to still be read), so I’m still hoping for a great series here. I hope I won’t be disappointed. Please don’t let me be disappointed.

After my complete fascination with Brain Boy last week, and my unadulterated love of alcohol, I’m hoping for another great mini series in Buzzkill from Dark Horse.

Revival. Revival. Revival. I love this freaking book. If you’re not reading it, well, then you’re missing out.

Zero seems like an interesting concept, and with all the homeruns Image Comics has been releasing lately, I’m not going to miss a single thing. Frankly, I’m always willing to give an Image #1 a shot.

Jonathan Francois


Another very small week for me. But Six Gun Gorilla has turned out to be the little mini series that could, for me. The series has reached that very delicate tipping point where a comic can either end magnificently or fall directly on its face.

I’ve been rooting for this comic since I first picked it up, and I think that on the off chance it does take a turn for the worst, I’ll still see it through the next two issues to the end.

Nick Nelson

  • Infinity #3
  • New Avengers #10
  • Superior Spider-Man #18
  • Uncanny X-Men #12

Not much to say this week. Small list. No DC cause Villains Month is stupid. Infinity = Awesome. Battle of the Atom = Awesome. Yadda yadda yadda. Pretty much the same as it has been for the past month.

Attention! And that’s all folks!

And, again, we want to know!

What’s on YOUR pull list?

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One Response to The Weekly Pull List – September 17, 2013

  1. Wolfgangg says:

    Apparently I need a new place to get my pull list from, because now Revival, Zero, and Batman Beyond aren’t showing up, and Six-Gun Gorilla didn’t show up until today. Ugh.
    I’m super excited for Six-Gun Gorilla!!