A great man once said, “Only through pictures can we tell a true story.” I don’t know who that was, but I made it up to sound cool. And here we are, as always, for another week of The Weekly Pull List.

This week, the DTC staff as picked up a nice chunk of comics from all over the spectrum. Three #1The Walking Dead #115Batman #24, and X-Men #6. Lot’s of popular titles, but that’s not a bad thing!

Now we want to know:

What’s on YOUR pull list?

Mike Rapin

  • THREE #1
  • X-MEN #6

Oh my! America’s Got Powers is finally finishing!? This is the best news in my independents pile of comics since… Saga started! But really, I’m super excited to see the finale of this series. Jonathan Ross and Brian Hitch together has been absolutely fantastic.

Infinity is half way over and after looking at the Previews book for December, I’m pretty much done with all Avengers titles after this event. I’m enjoying it, but I don’t care enough to continue after this event “rocks the Marvel U.”

Three was a series I was hesitant to pick up, and yet it’s on my list. I mean, Kieron Gillen and Ryan Kelly… those two together can only be great. The setting is what threw me, but Ryan Kelly has said this is his best number 1 yet, and I’m a huge fan of his and trust his judgement (even if it is on his own work).

X-Men continues Battle of The Atom, so, as I’ve said for the past few weeks, I’m excited. And I’m ready to see Constantine flesh out more of the world of mystery behind DC’s magic universe–I know Trinity War did that, but I didn’t buy in and I’d rather just read Constantine.

Finally, The Walking Dead begins their “All Out War” arc which will most certainly determine if I drop this series after the arc. I’ve been reading since #1 and, well… it’s losing me. I hope things take a turn for the better.

John Crowley

  • BATMAN #24

Batman Year Zero has been interesting, but I didn’t get his decision to “become a Bat.” The choice seemed to be based on happenstance and therefore he could have just as easily become squirrel man or Possum man. Maybe next issue will make more sense of it.

I continue to be excited for the Forever Evil event/tie-ins. If Arkham War happened in real life it would be the kind of thing that made my nightmares wet themselves. I can’t wait to see the insanity unleashed. Unless of course it’s like Trinity War where when they say “War” they actually mean “Not War.”

Don’t tell my girlfriend I’m reading something with Wonder Woman in it.

I’m growing tired of The Walking Dead and even forgot about it a month or two ago. All Out War better be awesome.


  • BATMAN #24
  • GHOSTED #4
  • THREE #1

DC is on thin ice with me. THIN ICE. Batman #24 and Superman/Wonderwoman #1 better be good, although I’m not expecting to buy issue 2 of the latter.

Until Vertigo let’s me down with their new “relaunch”, I will buy every new comic that comes out. The goth in me has high hopes for Coffin Hill #1. Federal Bureau of Physics has been spec-freaking-tacular.

Ghosted, Satellite Sam and Sidekick have all been really, really good, and I hope they continue to be.

Rocket Girl and Three are two new Image comics that, if history can dictate at all with that publisher, promise to be really good.

Honestly, I’ve only read the first issue of Nowhere Men (mostly because I’m a big fan of first prints, and, you know, Image first print prices and everything), but I absolutely loved it and keep meaning to catch up.

Nick Nelson

  • Batman #24
  • Chew #37
  • Green Lantern Corps #24
  • Infinity #4
  • Walking Dead #115
  • X-Men #6

So, to start, I have to talk about Chew. Each new arc of this series ups the ante a little more and the last issue was no different. This series is just so incredibly unique in both presentation and storytelling. I look forward to each and every issue like no other.

Other than that, it’s just a lot of the same old, same old. I will say that I was impressed with the start of the Green Lantern crossover Lights Out, so I’m hoping Green Lantern Corps will keep that going strong.

Attention! And that’s it! We’re out!

What’s on YOUR pull list?

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