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What’s on YOUR Pull List?

Mike Rapin

  • Imperium #9
  • Nailbiter #16
  • Paper Girls #1
  • Secret Wars #6
  • Surface #4
  • Transformers vs. G.I. Joe #9

Paper Girls!!! I don’t know about you, but I am damn excited. According to the internet, this is 40 pages of comic book for $2.99 and that’s a STEAL.

The Surface should be a ball of acid trippy-goodness, as per usual. With the revelation in #3, I am very uncertain of where this book is going. I’ll prep my seat belt.

I’m really looking forward to Nailbiter this month. It’s a book I’ve been missing for a while–I need some serial killer mystery stories in my life.

Paul Jaissle

  • Action Comics #45
  • Paper Girls #1
  • Southern Bastards #11
  • Transformers vs G.I. Joe #9

Even though I dropped Saga from my pull list, I am still interested in Brian K. Vaughan’s new series Paper Girls. Admittedly, I think that has a lot to do with Cliff Chiang’s art, but maybe a more “grounded” series from Vaughan will work better for me. A comic about teenage girls delivering papers in the 1980s is, oddly enough, totally in my wheelhouse.

The last issue of Southern Bastards was a dark, disturbing look at crime in the South, and I expect even more of the same in this issue. Like a train wreck that is impossible to look away from, the characters in this title are often as fascinating as they are repulsive.

Transformers vs G.I. Joe is still the best comic on the stands.

Nick White

  • Aliens/Vampirella #2
  • Bloodshot Reborn #7
  • Bob’s Burgers #4
  • Deadly Class Vol #3 TPB
  • Imperium #9
  • Southern Bastards #11

Weird goofy character mashups are my jam.  But this is coming from the guy that read Judge Dredd vs Aliens vs Predator err…I mean Predator vs. Judge Dredd vs. Aliens.  One has to be on top of these things.  So, the idea of xenomorphs and one of Dynamite’s staple characters butting heads in Aliens/Vampirella sounded too good/bad/goodbad to be true.  The first issue answered the age-old question of what happens when one attempts to “tap” a xeno, and the resounding answer was: a facefull of acid that nothing is coming back from.

As much as I enjoyed Mico Suayan on pencil duty for Bloodshot Reborn, I think I like Butch Guice’s work equally, if not more.  While the art remained in top form for the beginning of the second arc, I wonder if the reveal at the end of the sixth issue will be enough to keep this book’s momentum going strong.  It struck me as less of a surprise, and more of something that was inevitable.  Which I can’t decide if that somehow made it good plotting, or not.  Hmm.

Bob’s Burgers is fast becoming my numero uno “funny book,” and the one I point to whenever anybody wants to suggest that franchises dipping their toes into the comic book realm is a heartless cash grab.  I mean, some are, but we’re seeing time and time again that those books weed themselves out of the system.

Oh, Deadly Class.  I love Wes Craig’s art, I really, really do.  But the second arc just wasn’t as strong in my opinion, and this book just does not ease up in the intensity/depress-fest department.  We’ve arrived at a point where I don’t know who to root for, if there is anyone.  If Remender’s writing maintains this tone, this might be the last volume I pick up.  This book just needs to c-h-i-l-l, if only for an issue or two.

Toyo Harada just isn’t about to be stopped by anybody.  We’ve seen him take on such foes as Project Rising Spirit and Divinity…but he might honestly be in over his head when he takes on The Vine, with the beginning of the third arc of Imperium.  If you don’t know more about The Vine, just know that they’re a bunch of tricksy bastards that hired Ninjak to hunt down X-O Manowar a while back.  They’re bad news…but so is Harada.

Finally, Southern Bastards, the series that takes all sorts of breaks.  I say that because we haven’t had an issue since…July.  Look, I get the Jasons (Aaron and Latour) are super busy guys.  That might be an understatement.  But still, I’d like to see what was advertised at the end of the first arc.  I can’t stress this enough.


  • The Omega Men #5
  • The Surface #4

It’s been a while since I’ve contributed to the weekly pullist, the number of comics I read  fluctuating in the past few months from some to none the the ever-surprising “hey, all your books come out on the same day, let’s read ‘em all” kind of situation. Then at some point, picking up inexpensive back-issues became my shtick, and the back-log of comics began to grow. But I’m back. And though the amount of comics-still-to-read hasn’t changed, I’m more than a little excited for a couple books coming out this week.

An indie book through and through, even if only in terms of release dates. The last issue of The Surface came out in June, and the issue before that was in April. And with #4 finally coming out, i recently re-read the previous three issues, if only to have another go at all the mentally heavy content being swung our way.

But regardless of the space between issues, I’m all about this book.  It’s clear from issue #1 that something different is being tried in terms of storytelling. Twisting narratives, reality bending, and multiple narrators hooked me, and something very special is being done with the medium. And I’m gladly along for the ride.

Recently, Nick gave me the hard sell on The Omega Men, and boy did I buy into it.  Honestly, I was initially off put by the seemingly goofy title, and not knowing about a group of characters in the DC universe was a bit worrisome for me.  But after reading the first issue, I was sold and I quickly picked up the remaining titles to read. With incredible artwork and a fantastic introduction to the characters, I didn’t ever feel like I was missing anything that wouldn’t eventually be unveiled. And, hell, the book was cancelled and then uncancelled, so maybe now is the perfect chance to hop on board and support this book.


What’s on YOUR Pull List?

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