Comic books! How are they? What’s new this week? What are we reading?

What’s on YOUR Pull List?

Mike Rapin

  • Fight Club 2 #6
  • Rumble #8
  • The Spire #4
  • They’re Not Like Us #9

Admittedly, I’m incredibly behind on comics right now. So this week’s comics will likely be going on my To Read pile as I play catch up. (I blame this solely on NYCC)

Nonetheless, The Spire continues to be a fun romp into a neo-fantasy world where anything can happen and it’s always vulgar and magical. With #3’s twist on who’s who in the series, this book is finally gaining some real speed and size in the story that will, unsurprisingly, amount to an incredible end–given the team–at issue #8.

Rumble is a book I’m sort of on the fence about. After the conclusion of the first arc, issue #7 felt slow and directionless. Sure, the story advanced, but it felt weak. Maybe that’s not enough to potentially drop the whole series, but it left me with a sour taste in my mouth.

James Hahn

  • Island #4
  • Colder: Toss the Bones #2
  • The Tomorrows #4

Island is amazing every single issue, and I’ve been rewarded from the start. This bizarre anthology of comics sometimes repeats month to month, but usually you get a fresh creative team for each “chapter,” making this a great value buy for someone who’s interested in expanding their comic knowledge. I never know what story will come next, and I love it.

I’m a sucker for horror, and Colder: Toss the Bones has so far delivered. The first 2 arcs were VERY creepy, and those who feed off of insanity are growing stronger. This book keeps the supernatural elements vague enough that you are always guessing what could happen next. The theme of what is reality vs our perception of reality is fascinating to me, and Colder provides this in spades.

A surprise book for me, The Tomorrows follows a group of “terrorists” trying to disrupt massive corporations from controlling this futuristic society. Last issue, an app caused children to murder people with subliminal messaging, which is creepy and seemed plausible enough to make me fear the little girl at my neighbor’s house.

Paul Jaissle

  • Art Ops #1
  • Justice League: Darkseid War: Batman #1
  • Stumptown #8
  • Superman #45

I’m not familiar with Shaun Simon, the writer of the new Vertigo series Art Ops, but having Mike Allred on art is enough to make me grab the first issue. The premise –characters in classic works of art coming to life and escaping their frames– is just weird enough to sound promising.

Despite having a title so unwieldy that it requires two colons, Justice League: Darkseid War: Batman sounds interesting. The former Green Lantern Corps creative team of Peter Tomasi and Fernando Pasarin reunite to explore how the events of the DARKSEID WAR have affected the Caped Crusader.

Nick White

  • Black Magick #1
  • Book of Death #4
  • Gotham by Midnight #10
  • They’re Not Like Us #9

As this is my only new “#1” for this month, Black Magic seems a wee bit like Vertigo’s series Coffin Hill (with the whole “Witch/Cop” hybrid it’s sporting…though that’s not a bad thing.  Admittedly, it’s the book’s team of Greg Rucka (of Lazarus and Gotham Central fame) and Nicola Scott (whose art for Earth 2 was good, even if I didn’t care for the book on the whole) that has me hooked.

Valiant’s big blockbuster event of the year wraps this week with its fourth and final issue.  Where we’re headed post Book of Death, I’m not certain, but the sales figures suggest that readers were (and currently are) open to entering into the Valiant universe with every opportunity they’re given.  And that’s a good thing.

Gotham by Midnight has gotten episodic in its second arc (which is something I pushed for…before it was given its walking papers) and it sadly seems that that this series’ trajectory is not one of a book given time to satisfyingly wrap.  But…you know…that’s how it happens (with DC) sometimes.  Still wonder how this book would have been in the hands of, say, James Tynion, instead of Ray Fawkes.

I’ve probably said/written it before, but They’re Not Like Us is hovering towards my “potential cut pile.”  Sure, the book is still dealing with the aftermath of the first arc’s wrap, and undoubtedly it’s not known for being a title possessing a rip-roaring pace, but I’m getting a wee bit impatient.


What’s on YOUR Pull List?

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