Who’s reading comics this week?

What’s on YOUR Pull List?

Mike Rapin

  • Constantine: The Hellblazer #5
  • East of West #21
  • Ms. Marvel #19
  • Sex Criminals #13
  • The Wicked + The Divine #15

Sex Criminals. The only book with Chip Zdarsky on the cover this week. Not that he’s putting out a lot of books, but there’s a whole joke about him winning a Harvey award and yada yada yada. Fun book. Much sex times. And crimes.

The Wicked + The Divine is back with a guest artist this month. I’m cool with it.

Constantine: The Hellblazer is my pick of the week, though. This book makes me very excited for dark, magical reasons–I guess. I love the lack of restraint this series has had so far. It feels like a genuine Constantine story and I cannot get enough.

Jonathan Francois

  • East of West #21

East of West has been on a “slow burn” schedule for the longest time. While this is still true, events seem to be unfolding at a slightly faster rate which makes me think we might be seeing a climactic end to this particular arc in the next several issues.

Paul Jaissle

  • Batman #45
  • Jem & The Holograms #8
  • Twilight Children #1

Another small but diverse week for me. Oddly enough, Batman became a much more exciting book ever since Jim Gordon donned the –now robotic– cowl. Seeing him learn just what it takes to be Batman is interesting, and Snyder is doing a great job of exploring the intrinsic appeal of the characters with this story.

In this issue, Jem & The Holograms are making a new music video. As such, I expect to see plenty of glamour, glitter, fashion, and fame.

Twilight Children, a new mini series from Vertigo, has one of the most intriguing creative teams in recent memory, as the legendary Gilbert Hernandez works with the amazing Darwyn Cooke. These are two titans of modern comics, and seeing them work together is an unexpected delight. With Dave Stewart on colors, there’s no doubt this will be one of the best-looking books of the year.

Nick White

  • Batman #45
  • Constantine the Hellblazer #5
  • Justice League United #14
  • Ninjak #8
  • Rebels #7
  • Dead Drop TPB

Well, I’ve read Crave Online’s preview of Batman #45, and I have to say, Snyder keeps making things more and more difficult for Gordon…and that’s a good thing.  With Bruce, he could take on eighteen or so thugs or once without too much of a sweat.  Gordon’s no slouch, but Snyder continues to put him in “suit-free” scenarios, as well as ones where he doesn’t quite possess the Rolodex of support that ‘ole Brucie had.

First arc of Constantine the Hellblazer rolls to an end with its fifth issue, and it remains for me the strongest title coming out of the DCYou (with Omega Men nipping all so closely at its heels).  A wee bit of trepidation crept in when Rossmo stepped off pencils, but Vanesa Del Rey (and yes, there’s only one “s” in her spelling of “Vanessa,” that’s research, not a spelling omission) has done a fine job.  I’ve absolutely loved how this book has presented a past/present visual shift between Del Rey and Ming Doyle (amongst others), and love that DC has had the will to give this book the “edge” it deserves.

Justice League United #14 has Paul Pelletier on guest pencils, features Sgt. Rock of G.I. Combat, Robotman of Doom Patrol, and Vandal Savage.  But this fun, weird dumping ground of ideas, this hodgepodge of DC oddities, is ending in December.  Jeff Parker, you turned this book around, you really did.  It’s too bad that DC doesn’t effin’ care.

This month, Ninjak takes on Fitzy, the brains of the Shadow Seven in Ninjak #8.  Stephen Segovia isn’t my favorite Valiant artist, but he’ll do a fine job regardless.  He’s paired with Juan Jose Ryp, whose art is always interesting to look at, if at times distracting.

So, apparently, a first for Rebels, with the first arc wrapped, this seventh issue serves as a one-shot about Molly Pitcher (the Revolutionary War legend, who may or may not have been a real person/composite of several people).  We also get our first guest artist in Matthew Woodson, who apparently worked with Brian Wood on Northlanders.  I’ve seen a preview, and Woodson’s art looks great…but the real question is, where is this book going after that?  If this book wants to take an anthology perspective, or shift to another character…fine.  All I’m gonna say is that the book was not advertised as such.

Finally, my singular TPB of this list is a wondrous one, Valiant Comics’ Dead Drop miniseries.  Am I worried that Ales Kot might try to shape the Valiantverse to his own bizarro ends?  Well, I was.  Then I read the first issue, and breathed a sigh of relief.  Excited for this one.

Attention! What are you reading this week?

What’s on YOUR Pull List?

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