When the comics call, will you be there to heed them?

What’s on YOUR Pull List?

Mike Rapin

  • Archie #4
  • Black Magick #2
  • The Fade Out #11
  • Fight Club 2 #7
  • Jughead #2
  • Outcast #13
  • Project Superpowers: Blackcross #6
  • Rumble #9
  • Saga #31
  • Silver Surfer #15

Whew. This is a big week.

Archie & Jughead are my go to giggle-fests. I’m 100% okay with this.

Project Superpowers: Blackcross is finally ending this month and I think this is going to need a re-read. I’ve dug this odd book since #1, but the story has disappeared from my mind. I don’t know why this always happens with the Dynamite books I grab. Maybe I should switch to collected editions for these books…

Saga is back! Nothing more to be said there.

Black Magick blew my mind last month and I’m incredibly excited to see where the creative team takes this book. I didn’t know I wanted some gritty police magicks in my life, but, apparently, I do.

James Hahn

  • Tomorrows #5
  • Colder: Toss the Bones #3
  • Rumble #9

Tomorrows is consistently amazing, and gives me that authoritarian dystopia that I need every once in a while.

Colder: Toss the Bones has been a great arc so far, and is currently my favorite horror comic, or perhaps tied with Harrow County. This book really seems to understand madness, and presents mental illness in a creepy, interesting way.

I just went through and reread all my Rumble up til now to remind myself why I was reading the series, and boy, did I remember. This book is always funny, yet builds a mythos that you can’t help but getting sucked into.

Paul Jaissle

  • Archie #4
  • Black Magick #2
  • Dark Knight III: The Master Race #1
  • Fade Out #11
  • Ringside #1

Did you hear that there’s a new Frank Miller Batman comic coming out? Of course you have! DC’s really banking on nostalgia to sell copies of Dark Knight III, and I for one am fully buying the hype.

With just two issues left of The Fade Out, I am very excited to see how Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips wrap up this noir murder mystery. As much as I love their other work, I really think this might be their best collaboration yet.

I am also very excited about Ringside because it is a comic book about wrestling.

Kate Skocelas

  • Black Magick #2
  • Saga #31

I’m a big Greg Rucka fan, and the first issue of Black Magick reminded me why.  It was slick and smart, like The Dresden Files but without any of Jim Butcher’s sexism.  I am really looking forward to issue 2 this week.

So far, I have read Saga exclusively in trade format.  This will be my first time being caught up with the series when a new issue drops, so I have to make that really tough decision – buy it now, or wait for the next trade?   At least, it would be a tough decision, if Saga wasn’t so awesome.  Ghüs forever!

Nick White

  • Black Magick #2
  • The Fade Out #11
  • Ivar, Timewalker #11

You know what’s weird about Black Magick?  I think I’m one of the few people that pulled this title way in advance (THAT’S RIGHT, GRADE-A TRENDSETTER RIGHT HERE, MAN), and yet finally got around to reading this well after everybody else had.  Go figure.  But, you know, after you’ve read Gotham Central and Lazarus, you’re more than aware that Greg Rucka is a knockout writer that masterfully world-builds in a wonderfully non-obtrusive/data-laden fashion.  Oh, and Nicola Scott, with only one issue out the door, is already on my shortlist for Best Artist of 2015.  That’s saying something.

Look, I read the letters to the editor column in last month’s The Fade Out, and yes, I did catch the part where Ed Brubaker mentioned that this book was originally planned to end at a dozen issues.  Does that jive with what I seem to remember from when this book was launched?  No, not really, nor does it seem like this book is ready to tie up all the loose ends with two issues to go.  Who am I to doubt Brubaker, though?

Sidenote: Isn’t it weird that this week’s pull, with only three books, still features both writers of Gotham Central?  Did I mention that you need to read Gotham Central?  Or that, of course, I still need to finish Gotham Central?


Last month’s Ivar, Timewalker sported one of the series’ zaniest covers: with a T-Rex’s head taking up three-quarters of the cover, and a not-so-dormant volcano in the background.  Beyond the front cover, it was arguably one of the few “ehh” moments for me in the series.  Dinosaurs wearing togas…one can only milk that for so long.  Still, the fact that Fred Van Lente is still playing with some of the characters (aka, the Void) that he created for Archer and Armstrong is immensely rewarding.

Attention! DID YOU HEED? DID YOU?!

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