*Opens window to the winter wonderland that is West Michigan* You there! Reader! What day is it?

You reply, “Why, it’s New Comic Books Day Eve, sir!”

To which I reply, “Then there’s still time!”

(I’m going to be reusing this storyline in later articles. Keep a watch.)

What’s on YOUR Pull List?

Mike Rapin

  • Axis #6
  • Black Widow #12
  • Invincible #115
  • Magneto #12
  • Moon Knight #9
  • New Avengers #26
  • Uncanny X-Men #28
  • X-Force #12
  • Zero #12

Big week, but I’m not even mad about it.

I’m not sure how I’m feeling about Moon Knight. On one hand, I was really excited to see where Wood was going to take this series, but as of the last two issues I haven’t been impressed. This issue is the decider for me…

Zero is a mind trip. I’m get incredible involved with this series each month. I only want more.

X-Force is getting to that point (similar to Spurrier’s X-Men Legacy) where I give the comic a slight grin upon opening it. It’s heart-tugging-action-packed-humorous fun every month. Why aren’t you reading this book?

Invincible… I’m ready for you. Same goes for Magneto (even if the latter is an AXIS tie-in).

Black Widow is (as I’ve said before) consistently a great book. I asked you why you weren’t reading X-Force, the better question is: Why aren’t you reading Black Widow? It’s, maybe, Marvel’s best book right now (and this is coming from a die-hard X-Men fan).


  • Elektra #8
  • Moon Knight #8

Perhaps against my better judgement, I’m pulling both Elektra and Moon Knight still. I’ve voiced my concerns about them in the past, but I still haven’t gotten down to dropping them. This week may be the week.

Elektra is kinda meh story-wise, leaning heavily on Mike Del Mundo’s artwork to carry the series. And it has. Everything looks good always. That’s Mike Del Mundo.  The previous focus on other characters in the series kept things interesting, Elektra’s stoicism being more palatable in a sea of faces.  But the new arcs focus on our titular heroine seems to only be a disservice to the series. Perhaps that has less to do with Hayden Blackmans writing and more to do with Elektra not being that interesting of a character in her own. Perhaps if Blackman were free to expound upon Elektras character and pull from other parts of the characters past, it’d make for more interesting characterization. As of now she seems extremely one-dimensional, and even Mike Del Mundo’s fantastically excellent artwork may not be able to keep me with the series any longer. I mean, the series is getting cancelled anyways, so…

Likewise, this is the issue of Moon Knight that will determine whether or not I drop the series. It’s gotten weird since the new creative team took the reigns. Not in a bad way mind you, but it’s shifted the series themes from supernatural crime fighting to more of a straight up military focus, and thats not why I bought into the series. Sure, Wood has touched on some of the multiple-personality issues associated with Moon Knight, but he’s done it in a more clinical way, all but completely removing the supernatural and otherworldly elements I loved about Ellis’s Moon Knight.

Jonathan Francois

  • Invincible #115

Any concerns I had about this title stagnating were eschewed over the past 3-4 issues. And if the character on the front of this issue has anything to do with the content, I will be super pumped to dig into this one.

Paul Jaissle

  • Batman and Robin #36
  • Batman Eternal #33
  • Batman Superman #16
  • Daredevil #10
  • Multiversity: Pax Americana #1
  • Transformers vs G.I. Joe #4

Pretty nice variety of stuff for me this week. Well, it’s mostly Batman related, but that’s never really a problem.

This will probably be my last issue of Batman Superman. It’s been a fun title, but I need to make some room on my pull list. Of course, that might change if it happens to be a really good issue.

Batman and Robin was about to get axed from my list too, but seeing Batman take on the forces of Apokolips is too cool to pass up. Remember the last time Batman faced Darkseid? Bats shot him with a time-traveling bullet from space gun and then got sent backwards through time and turned into a living bomb. It was weird.

Issue 9 of Daredevil was one of the strongest issues yet in Mark Waid’s run on the character. The “Purple Kids” are a wonderfully menacing threat, and there are hints the the title’s cheerful mood might be changing pretty quickly.

Pax Americana is probably the issue of Multiversity I’ve anticipated the most. Not only does Frank Quitely handle the art this issue, but it also sees Grant Morrison riffing on that most sacred of comics cows, Watchmen. Given Morrison’s somewhat contentious relationship with Alan Moore, this should be a pretty fun read.

And finally, a new issue of my favorite comic of the moment, Transformers vs G.I. Joe, is out this week. If you’re not reading this, you’re missing out on one of the most fun and innovative comics out there right now.

Nick White

  • Batman and Robin #36
  • Batman Eternal #33
  • Bob’s Burgers #4
  • Predator: Fire and Stone #2
  • Trinity of Sin #2

What more needs to be said about Peter Tomasi and Pat Gleason’s amazing work on Batman and Robin?  Not much, really.  If you’ve ignored this title, or felt that its sales or publicity were merely coat-tailing riding on Bruce Wayne’s solo book, allow me to tell you that it’s the real deal.

Here’s what tight-lipped DC has to tell me about Batman Eternal #33: “Batman’s arsenal of weapons is turned against Gotham City.”  That’s right, DC Comics, the company that let loose the fate of Damian Wayne months in advance, has little more to say in regards to the “Batbook Weekly.”  Go figure.  Still, these are the four words you need to hear: Cover: Albuquerque, Pencils: Fabok.

Okay, so I love Bob’s Burgers.  I enjoyed  last month’s issue, even though it sliced and diced the issue into too many pieces.  This week?  Five stories again.  So while I’m disappointed in that respect, and I’d really prefer to see an issue’s pages split amongst maybe two longer-sized pieces, I eagerly await to read of Gene’s new musical, “Chupacabra-Cadabra.”  It’ll always be hard to match Die Hard: The Musical, but one can try.

Dark Horse’s “Fire and Stone” quartet of mini-series in the Alien universe has been “lights out,” across the board.  While it’s undeniable that Christopher Sebela’s (Dead Letters)  Alien vs. Predator has been the most pleasant surprise of the bunch, Joshua Williamson’s Predator has proven that Williamson is capable of more than tales of supernatural horror.

I haven’t read Trinity of Sin #1 yet.  I feel bad about it, and I should feel bad about it.

Attention! Tune in next week for more of the story!

What’s on YOUR Pull List?

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