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What’s on YOUR Pull List?

Mike Rapin

  • All-New X-Men #37
  • East of West #18
  • Ms. Marvel #13
  • New Avengers #31
  • Silver Surfer #10
  • Spider-Gwen #2

Solid Marvel week for me.

East of West has been kicking it up lately. With the second year of the Apocalypse in it’s stride, Hickman is truly opening up the flood gates. Action. Drama. Fire. Death. Sex. He’s rocking it.

Spider-Gwen… What can I say about this book that hasn’t already be said? This book is pretty swell. If you’re not reading, you’re really missing out.

All-New X-Men and… A crossover? I missed #37 so now I’m all sorts of confused. But this is part 4 of the crossover and I’m seriously lost. I may have to skip the next issue or two to avoid this.

Paul Jaissle

  • 2000 AD prog 1921
  • Action Comics #40
  • Batman Eternal #49
  • Casanova: Acedia #2
  • Southern Cross #1
  • Spider-Gwen #2

Another solid lineup of books for me this week. I was about to jump off of Action Comics, more to trim my pull list than a lag in the title’s quality, but Bizarro is showing up this issue so I can’t. Writer Greg Pak has a good way of incorporating Silver Age weirdness into his Superman stories, so I’m excited to see his take on this classic character. Or, as Bizarro would say, “ME AM NOT EXCITED!”

Casanova is one of the more unpredictable books on my list right now. I’m not sure how I feel about this new volume, which has Casanova Quinn suffering from amnesia in Hollywood, but Matt Fraction has a way of surprising me with this book.

I picked up the first issue of Spider-Gwen based on Mike’s recommendation, and I’m glad I did: it’s a fun book with fantastic art. Consider me fully aboard the Gwen Stacy bandwagon.

The book I am most interested in this week is Southern Cross by Becky Cloonan and Andy Belanger. Cloonan is quickly becoming one of my favorite creators based on her work on Gotham Academy. This book sounds like a sci-fi mystery, and given Cloonan has a way of creating tense stories, it will likely be a suspenseful one.

Nick White

  • Batman Eternal #49
  • Justice League United #10
  • Ninjak #1

A small pull’s is a mixed blessing.  Sure, I’d love to have a couple dozen books to read, who wouldn’t?  Yet, my wallet always gives a sigh of relief when a week like this comes along.  Like I said, a mixed bag.

Leading off the trio is the ever-present Batman Eternal.  Now, I’m one issue behind at the time of writing this, but I’m going to venture that the reveal at the end of Batman Eternal #47 still holds true.  For a book that had taken a turn for the better in #46 with the reveal of a certain villain as “chief string-puller,” he was supplanted, seemingly, by one that I thoroughly despise.  Oops.  This book needs a “course correct,” and I’m hoping Snyder, no pun intended, has an “End Game.”  See what I did there?  That aside, as it was last week, THAT CLIFF CHIANG COVER, I MEAN, GEEZE.

Oh, Justice League United.  I just…ughh.  This whole book has taken place in space, not enough of it in Canada (which I suspect has something to do with the title change).  To top it off, I didn’t want to read about the Legion of Superheroes…but someone gave them permission to “jack” my book.  At present, this book does not have a team in place following Convergence, which made the possibility of dropping it easier.

Finally, we’ve got Ninjak #1 from Valiant.  40 pages for $3.99? And that’s for the foreseeable future?  Master scribe Matt Kindt (Justice League of America, Suicide Squad, Mind MGMT, Unity…EVERYTHING) teaming up with Clay Mann (Gambit, though I mostly know him for his fantastic cover art on Batman Eternal) and Butch Guice (Winterworld, Captain America).  We’ve seen Ninjak pop up prominently in other Valiant titles (Unity and X-O Manowar), but it’ll be fun to see him get a slicing/dicing adventure of his own.  I love the idea of a second feature focusing on Ninjak’s early days, and the alternating art styles.

Jonathan Francois

  • East of West #18
  • Thor #6

Tensions slowly build and conflicts are beginning to come to a head in East of West. It’s been consistently good since it came out and I expect it to stay that way.

The new Thor series is a breath of fresh air. Hilarious fresh air. This series strikes the perfect balance between funny and serious to make the story meaningfully engaging while also causing me to fall victim to fits of giggling.

Attention! And that’s comics!

What’s on YOUR Pull List?

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