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Now back to comic books. I hope you’re excited about this huge week of comic books. It’s a monster.

What’s on YOUR Pull List?

Mike Rapin

  • All-New Ghost Rider #4
  • COWL #2
  • Deadly Class #6
  • The Deceivers #6
  • The Fuse #5
  • Invincible #112
  • Massive #24
  • Ms. Marvel #5
  • New Avengers #20
  • Pariah #5
  • Saga #20
  • Sex #14
  • Trees #2
  • Uncanny Avengers #21
  • X-Force #6

Oooof… This is a very large week.

Saga. Yes. Massive. Yes. Ms. Marvel. Yes.

I’m really blown away by how many comics I have coming out this week.

COWL surprised the hell out of me last month. I’m excited for this one.

New Avengers may start making sense sometime soon and maybe we’ll finally get to see the Demi-God Dr. Strange make a move when things finally come to blows with the alternate-Justice League-esque team in this series. Because Dr. Strange was just glossed over in the last 2 issues. Then again, that’s Hickman for you.

Trees #1 was better than I could have anticipated. Warren Ellis does not disappoint. Not one bit. #2 is bound to be perfect.

Uncanny Avengers… so is Rick Remender going to write this story for 10,000 years and THEN do AXIS? I mean, sure, crossover build up is necessary, but this is crazy town. Was all of this building to AXIS? Even Uncanny X-Force?

Finally, The Fuse. As cool as this series premise was… I’m not sure it’s for me. I’m giving it this issue and maybe one more to impress me, otherwise it’s dropped.

Jonathan Francois

  • Invincible #112
  • Saga #20
  • Serenity, Leaves on the Wind #6
  • Trees #2

A whole four titles. This is the biggest week I’ve had since I trimmed back my pull list. Needless to say that I’m pumped about Saga. Meanwhile, Serenity, Leaves on the Wind is drawing to a close and my heart-soul weeps. Despite that, the mini series has been very well put together and I expect nothing but quality from the final issue.

Trees is something that I don’t know how to feel about yet. The first issue covered so much, yes explained very little. I’ll keep going with the series until the story develops into something more concrete before I decide whether or not to continue with it.

And finally, Invincible changed everything. Which is equal parts jarring and refreshing. The story had reached a lull and could have easily started going downhill. Rather than let the story stagnate, Kirkman put everything into a metaphorical box and stuck it in a paint mixer for a while.

Blake Hamilton

  • Black Dynamite #3
  • The Goon: One for the Road (One-Shot)
  • Shadowman: End of Times #3

It’s looking like a week of mini-series and one shots for me.

IDW’s Black Dynamite is on 3 of 4 now. My enthusiasm for the series has cooled more than I thought it would. Will see how this all fans out by the end of the summer I think.

The Goon: One of the Road has been something I’ve looked forward to since I saw it offered in the Previews Catalog! It is a grim world but Eric Powell manages to make a bit lighter than one would expect while still being silly with serious undertones that illustrate how damaged and broken some of these characters are.

Looking forward to reading the final installment of Shadowman: End of Times are I am curious to see how there are going to leave things. Not sure what Valiant is up to with their product lines but I look forward to seeing the outcome of it all.

Paul Jaissle

  • Batman #32
  • Batman Eternal #12
  • Saga #20
  • Stray Bullets: The Killers #4
  • Superman #32

Even though ‘Zero Year’ has been a little slow at times, the last issue of Batman had Batman riding a dirt bike, breathing fire, and wrestling a lion. I’m curious to see how Snyder and Capullo are going to top that as the story heads towards its conclusion.

Similarly, Batman Eternal has slowed a bit for me, but I loved last week’s issue, so I’m back on board for now.


Stray Bullets: The Killers certainly isn’t the “feel good book of the year,” but David Lapham is a master of comic book storytelling. Each issue has a almost unbearable, palpable tension that few other books capture.

I’m going to give the new Superman creative team of Geoff Johns and John Romita, Jr. a chance. I like both of them, but they can also be fairly “hit-or-miss” at times. That said, Johns’ other Superman work is some of his best, and few artists can do “big action” better than Romita.

Nick White

  • All-Star Western #32
  • Batman #32
  • Batman Eternal #12
  • C.O.W.L. #2
  • Justice League Dark #32
  • The Mercenary Sea #5
  • Red Lanterns #32
  • Turok: Dinosaur Hunter #5
  • Vandroid #5

A semi-decent week for me, if only in size.  I jest.

While I’m digging the Panosian covers for All-Star Western, I’m hoping that these final three issues of Jonah Hex’s exploits hunting his “evil twin” of sorts actually position him for a future in another book.  Perhaps Palmiotti and Gray’s “Star-Spangled War Stories.”  One can hope, after all.

I’m still one issue behind on Batman, but I’ve seen the pictures and I have to agree with Paul: any comic that has Batman fighting wild beasts is one worth reading.  Repeatedly.  Oh, and only one issue to go before we say goodbye to “Zero Year.”  So….yay!!!!

Seeing as I pick up my comics bimonthly, I can’t speak to last week’s Batman Eternal, but let’s talk about how Justice League Dark’s old artist Mikel Janin is on pencils for this week.  This is a BIG name for a title that was getting rather close to the “drop” pile, and not just for me.

This is gonna get me in trouble, but I read C.O.W.L, and I thought it was good.  I did not think it was great.  Let the judgment commence.  Personally?  I prefer Rod Reis’ art over Higgin’s writing, at this point.

While its old penciler is living it up on Batman Eternal and Grayson, Justice League Dark got “all kinds of weird” last month, with Nightmare Nurse turning out to be evil in ways the comic was not resoundingly clear on.  But, come on.  Her name’s “Nightmare Nurse.”  What do you expect out of her?

The Mercenary Sea, I must admit, I already read for this week.  It’s neither the best, nor the worst entry in the series, and I won’t say more on the topic.  You’ll just have to read my review.

Someday, who knows when, people will understand how good Red Lanterns is, even if last month’s issue was a solid “7” or “8.”  Until then, I’ll just have to keep telling them.

Turok: Dinosaur Hunter starts up a new arc!

Oh, and Vandroid comes to an end.  It was a much better miniseries than originally anticipated, and riffed on the eighties just as much as it embraced the era.  Was a ton of fun, and would recommend the trade, when that rolls out.

Attention! AND THAT’S IT!

What’s on YOUR Pull List?

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