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What’s on YOUR Pull List?

Mike Rapin

  • Injection #3
  • Saga #30

Small weeks are weird.

I’ll probably grab a copy of Archie this week, but I’m far more excited for Injection, as I have been in previous months.

What I’m really excited for this month is the double dose of Fiona Staples. I mean, when I say I’ll “probably” get a copy of Archie, what I really mean is that I may cry over the beauty that is Fiona Staples’ art in two comic books at the same time. She’s nailing Saga and I’m really curious to see her do non-sci-fi work in Archie. Should be good week.


  • Saga #30

Only pull, favorite pull. At this point, I’ve said the word Saga so much and often that it sounds like less like a word and more like a strange culmination of sounds. This series has yet to let me down. It seemed like it was going to at one point, but then it revealed its true plan and all was well once more.

Paul Jaissle

  • Archie #1
  • Batman #42
  • Gotham Academy #8
  • Saga #30

The world’s oldest teenager, Archie Andrews, gets a makeover with week at the hands of Mark Waid and Fiona Staples. Having two of the biggest names in comics reboot a beloved franchise is pretty exciting, and I am looking forward to see what’s happening in Riverdale.

Batman number 41 was a fantastic issue that finally introduced the new man under the mask. Snyder seems reinvigorated with this story, which gives him a chance to explore the meaning of Batman and the importance of Bruce Wayne.

I am on the fence with Saga currently. Yes, it is a fantastically well written and beautiful looking comic, but I find myself not caring about the characters as much as I once did. Maybe this issue will change that, but right now I think it might be time for me to say goodbye to this title.

Nick White

  • Batman #42
  • Bloodshot Reborn #4
  • Constantine the Hellblazer #2
  • Descender #5
  • Rebels #4

Interesting fact to note: of my five books this week, the titles of all but Rebels begins with the letter B, C, or D.  Maybe that’s more mildly amusing than actually “interesting.”

Let’s not sugarcoat it: Batman #42 is my most anticipated issue of DC’s behemoth book in a long time.  “Endgame” was good, really good…but any time that a “bat-book” dares to delve outside of the Clown Prince of Crime, it’ll get my attention.  That being said, I’m waiting for this newfound corporation funding this Batman to not fall into the “squeaky clean” category.

Dang, Jeff Lemire, I gotta say I love how you keep playing with the mechanics of Bloodshot Reborn’s main character.  Unless it’s all still totally in his head (a theory that is becoming less and less probable, due to spoilerific stuff), Bloodshot is unwittingly upping his daily intake of nanites with every killer he takes out.  That, and his increasing access to nanites has enabled him to conveniently detect that five individuals still possess some quantity of nanites.  Save the day, and become Bloodshot again, or let things be and retain his humanity?

Look, Constantine the Hellblazer #1 was the closest we’ve gotten to the original Hellblazer, and if the second issue sticks to the pattern the first one established, it should be a good read.

As for Descender?  I’m behind on it.  Still gotta read issue four.

I know it’s sacrilege to say it, but I’m not the Brian Wood fan that many hardcore comic readers are.  That being said, I’ve really enjoyed period piece Rebels, and its willingness to display a lesser known narrative of an American conflict that popular media hasn’t found as fascinating as the Civil War.  Having such a FANTASTIC art team as penciler Andrea Mutti and colorist Jordie Bellaire makes this a first tier title.

What’s on YOUR Pull List?

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