The Weekly Pull List

Does anyone else remember when The Sentry was a cool/crazy guy on the New Avengers? I do… that was fun…

For some reason I’m feeling quite nostalgic today… But enough about me! How about dem comics?!

What’s on YOUR Pull List?

Mike Rapin

  • BOUNCE #9
  • SAGA #18
  • UBER #9
  • X-MEN LEGACY #23

Ah, a smaller week. Feels good. Feels good. And hey, almost all books I’m really enjoying! (I’m dropping the Bounce)

Saga is, as we all should be saying, fantastic. Invincible was on my soon-to-drop-list, but I decided against it (not because of #111, but because… I can’t quit it). Uber was on this same list, but issue #8 was about the Russians and boy do I find Russian history fascinating.

Then my beloved X-Books… Uncanny X-Force is ending soon, so that’s okay. But Rick Remender is just blowing my mind on Uncanny Avengers–despite Steve McNiven’s lackluster art. I dig.

John Crowley

  • SUPERMAN #27
  • FLASH #27
  • SAGA #18

I’m not super excited about this week.

Superman’s been kinda boring. Lots of plot, not a lot of character. I might drop it soon.

Honestly I don’t know why I still read Teen Titans. I’d probably drop it after this arc if it wasn’t already going to end.

Flash… let’s just say I can’t wait for the new artistic team. This three issue wrap up arc keeps half of the original Flash creative team, except not doing the thing he’s talented at.

I read the first two collections of Saga and loved it. However I’m trying to abstain until the 3rd collected edition. It’s hard. Like I am when I think about how good Saga is.

Paul Jaissle

  • Aquaman #27
  • Batman and Robin Annual #2
  • Saga #18
  • Thor God of Thunder #18

Jeff Parker is probably the only writer who can get me interested in Aquaman, so I am excited to see him take on the character. His first issue was fun, and this one promises battles with giant sea monsters, so I’m in.

It’s kind of unfortunate that the Batman and Robin Annual is coming out in the middle of the book’s Two-Face story. Annuals can be sort of a mixed-bag, but I think Peter Tomasi has been great on this title, and it has Doug Mahnke on art so it will at least look nice.

Saga is still the best comic being published.

Blake Hamilton

  • Dawn 2013 Linser Signed Sketchbook
  • URSA Minor #3

I can easily say that I am so eager to read this upcoming issue URSA Minor. This is a series that just gives without flinching. Saw a black and white sketch image of an interior page a week or so back and wow… When I see a wall of human-sized winged fairies chained up and looking like they are about to get their wings cut off or flayed, then you have my interest.


  • FURIOUS #1
  • REVIVAL #17
  • SAGA #18
  • SAVIORS #2

This is a solid, solid week full of amazing books for me. Wednesday cannot come soon enough.

I have been thoroughly enjoying the warped story of Black Science. Matteo Scalera’s are shines through with full force in this series. It is not to be missed (if you can find it).

I decided to opt out of my normal East of West ramble to just simply say that this is the book I wait all month for. ‘Nuff said.

The marketing for Furious totally worked on me. I’m all in on this one.

Attention! What are you reading this week?

What’s on YOUR Pull List?

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