The Weekly Pull List

Readers! Yes! You! How amazing is it that we have comics to read this week? I think it’s pretty great.

This week is going to be pretty stellar in terms of comics. So many X-Books, the Miracleman reprint, Rat Queens, Velvet, Green Lantern Corps., and so many more! Check out what we’re reading after the jump!

What’s on YOUR Pull List?

Mike Rapin

  • ALL NEW X-MEN #21
  • GOD IS DEAD #5
  • VELVET #3
  • X-MEN LEGACY #22

All New X-Men! Amazing X-Men! Uncanny X-Men! Uncanny X-Force! X-Men Legacy! This is my kind of week! Even if Uncanny X-Force isn’t really doing it for me. I’m excited. I mean, I’m dropping Uncanny X-Force here pretty soon, so overall, this is a pretty stellar X-book week.

Marvel Knights Hulk piqued my interest with #1 and I’m all for sticking through to #4. This is going to be a very fun ride.

And, oh, Velvet. Brubaker. Epting. This title is everything a spy-thriller-mystery needs to be.

Daniel Palacio


It’s finally back in print! After 20+ years of bitter rights disputes and legal wranglings, I’m thrilled that Marvel was able to get Miraclelman back in print. “The Original Writer” outdid himself when he turned a strip about a British Captain Marvel ripoff into one of the greatest superhero stories of all time (In my opinion, even better than Watchmen and every bit as good as his Swamp Thing run). My only worry is that Marvel will feel the need to edit out all of the sex and violence (a later issue features an extended and graphic depiction of childbirth).

Blake Hamilton

  • Rat Queens #4

I am never fully ready when I’m only getting one thing for the week. Even with just getting one thing, I am happy to say it is Rat Queens! I am very glad I took a chance on this title as it has been nothing but a constant reward for me. Very excited to get the B cover variant to nearly fill out Rat Queen group members.

Jonathan Francois


For a series that I picked up on a whim, I’ve been nothing but please with Rat Queens. The series is certainly not for everyone, but it’s almost exactly what I want in a comic series (being violence, sassy dialogue, and a murderous comic relief character). It’s also the only series that’s made me care about collecting the variant covers.


  • ALEX + ADA #3
  • EGOS #1
  • GHOSTED #6
  • VELVET #3

Alex + Ada is a slow paced comic, but it has been holding my attention to a great degree. I’ve stated before that I’d love some of the tech in this comic so I could become more of a hermit.

It has been revealed to me that Ghosted was only supposed to be as long as it’s first five-issue arc, and this week marks the first issue of a new chapter in Jackson T. Winters’ career as a ghost hunter.

Rat Queens is probably one of the most fun books of 2013, and I keep eating it up.

As we all know, Brubaker can do no wrong. If you aren’t reading Velvet, well, you’re missing out.

Paul Jaissle

  • Prophet #42
  • Thor God of Thunder #17
  • Velvet #3

Even though I’ve never been much a Jame Bond/spy fan, I’ve really been enjoying Brubaker and Epting’s Velvet. It’s a clever twist on the genre, and it’s great to see those two working together again.

‘The Accursed’ storyline wraps up in this issue of Thor God of Thunder. It’s been an uneven story, but I’m hoping Aaron and Garney can stick the landing.

Prophet is one of the stranger books out there. I’m never quite sure where the story is going, but Brandon Graham and his collaborators seem to be exploring the possibilities of visual storytelling in the comics medium.

Nick Nelson

  • All-New X-Men #21
  • Amazing X-Men #3
  • Fantastic Four #16
  • Green Lantern Corps #27
  • Superior Spider-Man #25
  • Uncanny X-Men #16

More and more, my pull list is getting dominated by X-Men titles… and I’m more than ok with that. I will say that Amazing X-Men has failed to grab my attention yet, but I have hope that it will get better. On the other hand, Uncanny X-Men just keeps getting better and so does All-New X-Men.

On the other side of the Big 2 divide, I believe this is my last issue of Green Lantern Corps and I could not be more happy to be dropping all the Green Lantern books.

Finally, Superior Spider-Man is starting to really get better, though I will say that everything interesting about the main Spider-Man book has absolutely nothing to do with Spider-Man, but rather the support cast of characters and villains. But, with the announcement of Peter Parker returning in April, I think I can hold out just a bit longer to get Spidey back where it should be.

Attention! THAT IS IT!

What’s on YOUR Pull List?

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