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What’s on YOUR Pull List?

Mike Rapin

  • Nailbiter #20
  • Paper Girls #5
  • Velvet #13

Small pull this week.

Paper Girls continues to be the weirdest, most unpredictable book on my pull list. It’s a fantastic treat, to say the least.

Velvet is my jam. Where this spy story is going is beyond me. How’s Velvet going to survive her next encounter with [REDACTED]? I’m on edge just thinking about it.

Nailbiter has come back around for me. The mystery is, again, growing, and I’m re-aligned with this book. Henderson’s art has been stunning lately, not sure what it is. This book is still pretty great.

Scott Gregson

  • Heathen Volume 1
  • The Spire #2-4

There is absolutely nothing on my pull list for this week so I’ll be spending a few dollars (Australian Dollars!) on some titles from my wish list. Heathen was published in the later half of 2015 through Comixology Submit and this will be my first foray into that program. Natasha Alteric both wrote and produced the art for the book, which follows a viking girl as she discovers her place in the world accompanied by gods and monsters along the way. It looks great and I’ve been eager to get into it sooner rather than later. The collection arrived on Comixology in mid January and looks like a winner to me.

I caught issue 1 of The Spire when Comixology gave it away for free in December. It took me a while to get around to reading it, but when I did I was hooked. Si Spurrier manages to create a beautifully creepy fantasy setting, eschewing the typical High Fantasy tropes and instead building a new world for us to explore, helped visually by the art of Jeff Stokely. Full of wit and verve, these three issues are currently only $1.99 so I’ll be grabbing them to see if the book maintains the standard of the first issue.

Paul Jaissle

  • Action Comics #49
  • Paper Girls #5

Thankfully a small week for me since I still have to make it through last week’s books. Although I have been loving Greg Pak and Aaron Kuder on Action Comics , I thought the last few issues were a little slow. Hopefully they can reinvigorate the title again with whatever they have planned for issue 50.

Paper Girls is so different from the book I thought it would be, and that’s the reason I love it. Every issue feels like a genuine surprise, not just a cheap cliffhanger. The world and story Brian K. Vaughan and Cliff Chiang are building here are absolutely captivating.

Kate Skocelas

  • Captain Marvel #2
  • Paper Girls #5
  • Vision #4
  • Mirror #1
  • Wicked & Divine Vol. 3

On Sunday, I told Nick White that I wouldn’t buy anymore trades until I finish reading the ones I have.  He scoffed at my lofty ambitions, but I was sure that I could do it.  Afterall, I am a fiscally responsible real adult , right?!  Then I saw that Wicked & Divine Vol. 3 comes out this Wednesday… Oh well.  Like I told Mike in Episode 52 of the I Read Comic Books podcast , fiscal responsibility is for chumps.

As a trade off for my wallet, I will not be picking up A-Force or Swamp Thing this week.  Both are titles that I feel okay about waiting to read in trade once they show up at my local library.

I will be snagging a new title though that I’m pretty excited about.  According to Image, Mirror is “a new ongoing series, following a terrorist talking dog, an idealist mage, and a heroic lab rat on their quest for acceptance.”  Watercolor art, anthropomorphic characters, and a strong female writer ( Pretty Deadly ’s Emma Ríos) – Image speaks my language.

And on a side note: Everyone with a tiny pull this week should pick up Vision .  It is hands down the best cape on the stands right now, and I will fight anyone who disagrees.

Nick White

  • Bob’s Burgers #8
  • Green Arrow #49

Every once in a while, due to some reason or another, everybody’s pull ends up remarkably small.  Usually it ends up following a huge mess of a week (or at least it did for me).  Sure, this week’s pair of issues doesn’t have any of my titles that have me crazily shouting, “To the top of the read pile with ya.”  It still consists of a solid comedic read, and an action title that’s on the “up and up.”

Bob’s Burgers is a book that’s slowly edging near my “maybe cut” list.  Yes, the art is discernibly more varied and overall better than the miniseries’.  Yes, the book is now willing to tell longer stories across multiple issues.  These are improvements.  However, I still would prefer that issues are only made up of one or two stories, something more in line with the actual format of the TV show.

Then there’s Green Arrow , and the team of Ben Percy and Patrick Zircher has done a great deal to undo the damage that Kreisberg and Sokolowski did.  You know, from back when DC Comics thought letting them have their own comic, Arrow , wasn’t enough?  Like Jeff Lemire’s run, this new team has done their best to jettison Kreisberg’s efforts to turn Green Arrow into his TV show.  They’ve also managed to shine a light on some of Lemire’s elements, and narrowed the focus back on Oliver, all while making it their own.  This month, it’s Szymon Kudranski on pencils, who did a great job on Batman: The Dark Knight , a year or two ago.

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