Comics! Late edition! But early for Wednesday! What are you reading?

What’s on YOUR Pull List?

Mike Rapin

  • Archie #6
  • Bitch Planet #7
  • Extraordinary X-Men #7
  • Sex Criminals #14
  • Snowfall #1

Trying Snowfall this week because Nick has talked it up a bunch. Also because Joe Harris is a pretty stellar writer and Martin Morazzo’s art looks gorgeous.

Bitch Planet, please. This arc starts the President Bitch arc, and I’m way jazzed about what that could mean for this story. This book is all around the place–especially with every 3rd issue being about a particular character–and I’m ready to dive into the main story even more.

Archie is the best. No doubt about it. And with Veronica Fish on as a regular artist, I’m excited. This book is one of my favorites.

Scott Gregson

  • Squadron Supreme #4
  • Power Man and Iron Fist #1

C’mon Squadron Supreme. I want a cool team book and you’re my only team book right now! You’ve been cool so far. Keep it up!

Here’s a bit of a wild card on the old pull list. Power Man and Iron Fist has intruiged me for two reasons. One, because Mike Coulter was gorgeous as Luke Cage in the Jessica Jones series on Netflix, and Two because the art by Sanford Greene looks great. I’ve no idea what David F. Walker will be bringing to the book, but I’ll give it a couple of issues to kick into gear (unless this one’s REALLY bad).

Paul Jaissle

  • Archie #6
  • Martian Manhunter #9

Admittedly, I am a few issues behind on Archie, but I think I can catch up on the title since this is such a small week for me. I’ve missed hanging out with the gang in Riverdale, so it will be good to get caught up again.

Even though it is not the book I expected it to be, I am still really enjoying Martian Manhunter. It has definitely turned into a straight-up sci-fi comic, complete with time travel, space battles, and at the end of the last issues, massive robotic mech suits. How can I not love that?

Kate Skocelas

  • Huck #4
  • Mighty Thor #4
  • Snowfall #1

My pull list has been thoroughly culled, resulting in a small week for me.  Huck continues to be a beautiful and surprisingly insightful book that never fails to make me smile.  Mighty Thor has an interesting premise (Dr. Jane Foster is a cancer patient undergoing chemo treatment… and is also Thor), but last issue was mostly hammer-smashing business as usual.  I am hoping this week’s book goes back to exploring more of Foster’s personal struggles.

I also may pick up Snowfall, a new dystopian future sci-fi comic from Image that Nick keeps going on about.  The premise sounds really interesting, but it would be a lot better for my wallet to wait until it comes out as a TPB.  You really can’t beat those $10 Image volume ones.

Nick White

  • Birthright #14
  • Dr. Fate #9
  • Imperium #13
  • Simpsons Comics #226
  • Snowfall #1
  • Wrath of the Eternal Warrior #4

The fantasy/real world dichotomy of Birthright has been interesting at times, and has allowed for some creative twists in the way of the book’s plot…but this book has been on “ramp up” mode for several issues now.  That’s not to say I haven’t enjoyed this series, written by Joshua Williamson and drawn by Andrei Bressan…I just wouldn’t mind it if the book attempted to wrap some of its ongoing threads.  This book has a convenient advantage in that whenever I get irritated with it…it usually goes on break for a month or two.

Rumor has it that Dr. Fate won’t stick around post-”Rebirth.”  So now the real mystery is whether or not it’ll get to wrap its second arc.  DC Comics, if you give up artist Sonny Liew, that would be a large mistake.

I’m just gonna lay this on the line, Imperium’s fourth arc begins this week, with Joshua Dysart’s old Harbinger buddy Khari Evans on pencils.  The last arc…it wasn’t my cup of tea (even though I prefered the Kano/Ryp art team-up over Evans), and only reinforced concerns I had with arc two, that this was just going to be a revolving door of enemies.  The introduction of H.A.R.D. Corps and Livewire might be enough to keep me around, but we’ll see.

Simpsons will likely be cut (potentially alongside Imperium) to make room for some new titles.

I haven’t read anything else that readily comes to mind by Joe Casey, but his series Snowfall from Image sounds really fascinating.  A freedom fighter using the weather to strike back against a post-apocalyptic authoritarian government?  SOUNDS GOOD TO ME.  Martin Moarazzo’s art looks like a real treat too.

Finally, Wrath of the Eternal Warrior wraps its first arc.  Now, the last two issues sorta coasted on Raul Allen’s stellar art and the playing out of conflicts/concepts put out in its introductory issue.  These two issues haven’t exactly been “thinkers,” or added to the mythos.  With Allen taking two months off (with Juan Jose Ryp taking over until the seventh issue), Robert Venditti needs to take some steps to elevate this book once more above a beautiful action title.

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