Hidey-ho comic readers of the internet! This week we’re reading a lot and it’s pretty darn amazing! Check out our pull lists and let us know…

What’s on YOUR Pull List?

Mike Rapin

  • All-New Ghost Rider #11
  • All-New X-Men #36
  • Cyclops #10
  • Divinity #1
  • Nightcrawler #11
  • Uber #22
  • X-Force #15
  • X-Men #24

Holy friggin’ Marvel books, Batman. (yeah, I just did that)

X-Men – I’m talking about this here and on the I Read Comic Books podcast this week, but I’m really enjoying G. Willow Wilson’s take on this team. The opener issue of Wilson’s run was a bit rough, but overall, I was very happy with how it ended. She gets these characters. This week’s issue should be a treat.

All-New Ghost Rider, another one I mentioned in the podcast. Felipe Smith is the man. His art is on point and his writing is fantastic. Eli Morrow and Robbie Reyes are a great Ghost Rider duo in this book and I want to keep on reading it.

All-New X-Men – This X-Book has been sort of weird for me lately. I like Bendis’ take on the new-old X-Men, but this crossover into the Ultimate Universe has been sort of weird for me. I don’t hate it, but I’m not sure if I love it. I’m waiting for the end of this arc to see how I really feel about it all because with Bendis, you really do have to give his “okay” issues a chance sometimes for the bigger payoff. The man knows what he’s doing.

Uber – This is the weirdest book to match with all of the Marvel books I have this week. Where Marvel’s covers are that bright #FF0000 red, this issue is all black and pale, pale blue. It’s going to be quite jarring walking out of my LCS with the small line of black within the mass of red. But, onto the comic: I can’t stop reading this. I’m terribly invested and am terribly reminded at how well crafted a story really can be when you have an insane penchant for something–like Kieron Gillen does with this book and the history surrounding it.

Jonathan Francois

  • Thor #5
  • Wild’s End #6

Another Thor so soon? I’m hoping that they were just pleasantly ahead of schedule and not trying to rapidly push out as many issues as possible because the series is getting more popular. I suppose we’ll have to wait and see how the release schedule plays out to really get an idea, though.

And another one of Dan Abnett’s mini series comes to an end this week. I’ve grown very fond of the little 4 or 6 issues series that he’s been writing because a contained story that has an end isn’t necessarily rare, but it certainly isn’t common, either.

Paul Jaissle

  • 2000 AD prog 1917
  • Batman Eternal #45
  • Southern Bastards #7

Looks like a small week for me. The “Ulysses Sweet: Maniac for Hire” and “Orlok, Agent of East Meg One” serials wrap up in this week’s 2000 AD. Both strips have been pretty fun, with Ulysses Sweet being a violent, absurdist romp, and Orlok offering a perfect noirish spy drama.

I wasn’t crazy about the last issue of Southern Bastards, with its predictably tired “wise old African American mentor” trope. That said, I’ve been enjoying Aaron and Latour’s work on this series so far, and I am curious to see how the Coach Boss origin story wraps up.

Nick White

  • Batman Eternal #45
  • Divinity #1
  • Justice League United #9
  • Prometheus Fire and Stone Omega #1 (one-shot)
  • Southern Bastards #7

As I mentioned a few weeks back, Batman Eternal seems to be zipping around Gotham, tying up all the unresolved plot lines in the series.  This week, we’re finally returning to the Batwing/Spectre plotline…which I suspect most readers forgot about in the first place.  Another new penciler, Javier Fernandez, who has most recently handled penciler duties on some of the more recent issues of Magneto.

In addition to Imperium, Valiant is rolling out another book this month in Divinity, a four issue miniseries from writer Matt Kindt (Ninjak, Mind MGMT, The Valiant) and penciler Trevor Hairsine (Armor Hunters: Bloodshot, Eternal Warrior).  This series is based on the notion that during the Cold War, the Russians approved a dangerous project that sent a cosmonaut far into the deep reaches of space, never to be seen again…until now!  Yup, the most powerful being on Earth…is a Cold War Communist.  Oughta be interesting.

Oh, Justice League United, I really don’t know what to say.  The books done little to achieve the balance between galactic space epic and Canadian slice-of-life that I thought I was getting.  In addition, we’ve still seen or heard painfully little about the newly created character Equinox, wasted a bunch of pages on the Legion of Superheroes and Legion Lost (both of which are cancelled series themselves, so take that for what it’s worth), and we’re at issue #9 and the book’s second arc hasn’t wrapped.  I read recently that this is the last thing Jeff Lemire is under contract for at DC Comics…and it pains me to say this: it shows.  Fear not, Jeff, I’m supporting all your Valiant books, and can’t wait for your team-up with Scott Snyder at Image!

Prometheus Fire and Stone: Omega will act as the epilogue to Dark Horse’s quartet of four-issue miniseries: Aliens, Alien vs Predator, Prometheus, and Predator.  As it’s written by series editor/architect Kelly Sue DeConnick, I’ve got high hopes that everything will come to a fantastic conclusion.  With the Star Wars franchise shipped off to Marvel, Dark Horse would do well to make the most of the franchises they’ve got…like this one.

Finally, we’ve got Southern Bastards #7.  I didn’t think I’d put up with three issues all about Coach Boss, but here we are.  It hasn’t been the sort of tale that makes you sympathize with the character, but in terms of understanding his evolution, well, its totally done that.

Attention! And we’re out!

What’s on YOUR Pull List?

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