It’s time for the thing we all know is coming: COMICS! Are you ready?

What’s on YOUR Pull List?

Mike Rapin

  • All New X-Men #4
  • All-New Wolverine #5
  • The Autumnlands: Tooth & Claw #9
  • Constantine: The Hellblazer #9
  • Injection #7
  • They’re Not Like Us #11

Injection last month proved even further to be the book I have been preaching it is. Wherever this series of one-off stories is going, I am on board. Wholly.

Constantine: The Hellblazer. Nothing more to say. This book is magic. *bad-dum-tss*

They’re Not Like Us is sort of losing me. I’m sticking around for a larger pay-off, but I’m worried that the story is stagnating. It’s interesting, but it’s sort of whiney. And maybe my heart isn’t in it completely, but I’m still trying. I just hope it can kick me back into full gear this month.

Scott Gregson

  • Legend of Wonder Woman #2
  • Starfire #9
  • Silk #4
  • Spider-Gwen #5

In all honesty, I think this issue of Starfire will be the last for me. Unless it does something really amazing, I’m going to have to give it up. I enjoyed it initially with but there’s a sense of possibilities early on, which has slowly diminished. The Grayson guest star was fun, but didn’t really move anything on and while I’m happy to have a story about a superhero/alien princess just living their life, there’s gotta be something a little more to it than that. I feel like maybe the authors – or DC editorial – are concerned about straying too far from the version of Starfire they have, which they nailed initially, but which I’m now ready to see if not change, at least grow. So while the book hasn’t really CHANGED, it’s not giving me what I want, so it’s looking sketchy next month.

Legend of Wonder Woman was a surprise. I didn’t pick it up straight away, but I heard people talking about it, and I wasn’t disappointed. As a retelling of Wonder Woman’s origin, somewhat more like her Golden Age story as opposed to her New52 one, it’s delightful, but it seems to have a genuine story to tell as well, which is always nice. Only an issue in, but looking good.

Silk and Spider-Gwen I always lump together basically because they have a similar feel to their set ups – both being female counterparts to Peter “Spider-Man” Parker. The ongoing story of Cindy Moon has been moving along nicely, more focused on the small ongoing issues at play with the larger scale stuff simmering in the background, and that’s pretty much the set up I want from a solo superhero book. Spider-Gwen feels like it’s leaning a little heavily on the fact that it’s a “alternate universe” but it’s still got a great sense of character and style, so I can forgive some missteps as it tries to shock me with really obvious plot “twists”.

Paul Jaissle

  • Batman #49
  • Gotham Academy #15
  • Love and Rockets: New Stories vol. 8

I really enjoyed the last issue of Gotham Academy, which featured a variety of creative teams taking turns spotlighting the various characters of the title. This issue includes art by Rafael Albuquerque and Colleen Coover, so it will certainly be a pretty-looking comic.

Speaking of different creative teams, Batman #49 is co-written by James Tynion with art by Yanick Paquette. Obviously, all signs point to Bruce Wayne reclaiming the cowl in issue 50, and as a fan who loves exploring the motivations of Batman, I am interested to see Tynion and Snyder deliver a story explaining just what motivates Bruce to become the Bat once again.

The only comic book character I love more than Batman is Maggie Chascarillo, the main character in Jaime Hernandez’s Love and Rockets stories. The last volume of New Stories saw Maggie reunite with her long-time best friend/former romantic partner Hopey Glass, and this new one promises to show them visit some other beloved characters from this legendary series.

Jonathan Francois

  • The Autumnlands: Tooth and Claw #9

It’s been a bit since the last issue of The Autumnlands came out. After finishing the first arc, I’m excited to see where the story goes and learn more about the characters. So far, precious little has been dangled in front of my face and I’ve greedily snatched up every little bit I could.

Nick White

  • Aliens/Vampirella #6
  • Batman #49
  • Constantine the Hellblazer #9
  • Descender #10
  • Ninjak #12
  • They’re Not Like Us #11

When it comes to Aliens/Vampirella, I really should have seen the end of the fifth issue coming.  I mean, COME ON NICK, you’ve seen the movies.  You know how these things tend to work out.  Yet, I think that was probably the only big “will it/won’t it happen” moment, so I’m surprised they didn’t save it for this final issue.  Also, Gabriel Hardman’s covers?  Absolutely fantastic.

Sure, maybe they’re aren’t a boatload of expectations for Batman #49.  The fiftieth issue is right around the corner, and presumably, anything monumental or revelatory will be reserved for such an occasion.  In fact, with this week’s issue having a co-writer and sporting a guest artist, one would imagine the book’s usual team of Snyder and Capullo are quite tied up with #50 themselves!  Personally, I love co-writer James Tynion (Constantine the Hellblazer) and guest artist Yanick Paquette’s (New 52 Swamp Thing) work, so I’m eager to see what they can rustle up when Batman “must descend into the cave and face what he once was.”

Speaking of Swampy and Constantine, I just read the Swampy issue of Constantine the Hellblazer.  Which is a cute way of saying I’m one issue behind.  If DC’s “Rebirth” results in this book’s death…ho boy.  There’s gonna be an angry Mikey.

Who else is absolutely floored by the depth and imagination coursing through the veins of Jeff Lemire and Dustin Nguyen’s Descender?  The “Machine Moon” reveal at the end of last month’s issue felt like when the Millennium Falcon stumbles upon the Death Star.  “…That’s no moon…”

I can’t put my finger on it, but the “Operation Deadside” arc of Ninjak might be the weakest for me.  Not enough sneaky-sneaky, or grounded spy stuff, which is unfortunate, given Kindt’s pedigree.  If Valiant needed to bring Shadowman back, they should have picked another book.

I love They’re Not Like Us, and I get that Eric Stephenson is a very very busy dude.  But at least getting this book every other month consistently would be nice.

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