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Mike Rapin

  • Constantine: The Hellblazer #7
  • Secret Wars #8
  • Trees #13

Small week… very… suspicious.

Trees is back for what, I think, might be the final arc in the series. I’m not too sure, but I feel like this book need a grand re-read to make sure I’m totally caught up. I’m super excited to see where this book ends up going.

Secret Wars. We’re almost to the end and I’m both sad and excited. What will become of the grand Doom God? And, as we joked about on the podcast (which is out tomorrow), I’m hoping to see Doom get some sort of series out of this–especially if it’s about the day-to-day life of Doom when he’s not “doom”-ing.

Finally, Constantine: The Hellblazer is slowly becoming my favorite Big 2 book. I love my X-Men, but this book is almost perfect. The creative team on this book is unstoppable, I just hope they can top last month’s issue.

James Hahn

  • Headlopper #2
  • Monstress #2
  • Limbo #2
  • We Stand on Guard #6
  • Symmetry #1

For a fan of beautiful, simplistic comic art, this oversized #1 exceeded my already hyped expectations, with much lopping of heads. I can only imagine what is in store for the Headlopper this issue, when he confronts some witches who have been corrupting the surrounding lands.

Another fantastic oversized #1, Monstress comes back this week with hopefully some elaboration on the large mythos showcased in the first issue. Lots of huge monsters were teased but not exactly revealed, and the main lady clearly is just crazy powerful. Art is intricate with superb shading, overly elaborate designs, and insane looking baddies.

Limbo #1 was good enough that I’m giving #2 a chance, it seems like the surreal voodoo stuff is still to come.

I went back and reread all of We Stand on Guard, and am very stoked for this next issue. The end of miniseries will determine the fate of the Canadian freedom fighters, and I’m certainly rooting against America on this one.

Anything promising classist utopias with emotion manipulation has my attention (go watch Equilibrium if you need an example). Symmetry #1 has me sold, as most Image #1s do so easily.

Paul Jaissle

  • Batman #47
  • Gotham Academy #13
  • Southern Cross #6
  • Twilight Children #3

Another issue of Gotham Academy so soon? This issue ties into the “Robin War” crossover, which I am not reading. Regardless, I am still enjoying this series and the corner of the “Batman” universe it occupies.

Speaking of Batman, Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo have successfully created a terrifying new villain for the Caped Crusader in Mr. Bloom. The creative team is firing on all cylinders with this current storyline, and even though I know the inevitable return of Bruce Wayne as Batman is imminent, I am loving Jim Gordon’s take under the cowl.

Twilight Children has all the makings of a modern comics masterpiece. The choice to publish it as a mini series instead of an OGN is intriguing, but either way it has been a perfect story so far.

Scott Gregson

  • Starfire #7
  • Secret Wars #8
  • Radioactive Spider-Gwen #3

Well, obviously Secret Wars, which isn’t EXACTLY the ending to Hickman’s run I was expecting. It’s not BAD, but I think much of his New Avengers run was almost TOO GOOD that Secret Wars couldn’t satisfactorily tie it all up, but it’s got two issues left to knock me over and Ribic’s art is – as freaking always – bloody beautiful.

Spider-Gwen I really tried to stay all “hipster” about (or am I just an old man, not liking new things?) but when I actually READ it (SHOCK!) I was turned around. She’s a great character, and the art’s loose lines really suit her. I hope it dials back the “Alternate Universe Everything” it seems to want to do once it builds up it’s main characters, but being only two issues in, I’m willing to give it a few more.

And what can I say about Starfire #7? Only that DICK GRAYSON will be guest starring in it! Yes, Kori’s ex, the Wonderful Boy himself, comes to Florida (I can only assume because Spy Stuff requires him to) and hopefully the two cuties will get to go to the beach together. DC putting two of my favourite characters in one book? It actually can happen!

Nick White

  • Batman #47
  • Birthright #12
  • Constantine the Hellblazer #7
  • Ninjak #10
  • Rebels #9

Last month’s issue of Batman ended on a shocking twist that may or may not have reaffirmed my suspicions I discussed MONTHS AGO regarding my discomfort in “The Batman Program’s” corporate bedfellows.  I won’t say any more on the topic, but it seems like a good enough explanation for the mechsuit going HAL 9000.

I know I might not be in the majority on this one, but would it be too much to ask for Birthright to be like 60% our world, 40% fantasy world?  See, these are the sorts of unfair demands I begin to levy when it’s been out for a year, and I’ve run through my usual nitpicks.  Beyond that, Mikey appears to have “come clean” with his brother about God King Lore’s infestation of his mind…but this could be another psychological ploy to gain trust.  It’s an uneasy alliance that’s working well to push this book through what feels like a world-building arc.

Constantine the Hellblazer #7 will simply have to hold its spellcastin’ horses (or the magical equivalent of horses…uhh….a Lisa Frank unicorn?) until I actually get around to number 6.  Which should be tomorrow

It’s a new arc for Ninjak (its third, to be specific), and Valiant is celebrating with freaking glow in the dark covers!!!!!  Oh…and for those that are more substance than style, this will also feature Shadowman for the first time in…a year in a half?  That sounds about right.  It also looks like he and Punk Mambo are getting a redesign of sorts, so I’m psyched.  Anyone else?  No?  Just me?  *sigh*

Remember when Brian Wood took his arc-based series about the Revolutionary War (it’s called Rebels, remember?) and did a one-shot…but it was great?  And then he split the next issue into a pair of smaller one-shot narratives?  And then this month, insane as all get-out, he went ahead and did another one-shot, but this one precedes the Revolutionary War?  Oh well, at least we’ve got Andrea Mutti’s art again (which is not to say that the fill-in arc wasn’t really good).

Kate Skocelas

  • Monstress #2 (for real this time?)
  • Scarlet Witch #1
  • All New Hawkeye #2
  • Hawkeye HC vol. 2
  • Symmetry #1
  • Snow Blind #1

Scarlet Witch is a problematic fav for me.  Obviously I have to check out her new title line, but I’m not particularly optimistic about it.  For starters, the preview art doesn’t look like something I will like, but who knows.  If it fits the tone of the story well, maybe I’ll fall in love all over again…

All New Hawkeye #1 left me very underwhelmed, so naturally I’m going back for more.  I wish I knew how to quit you, Hawkeye… Luckily, Matt Fraction’s Hawkeye HC vol. 2 also comes out this week, so I can relive the glory days instead of studying for exams.

I will also be picking up Symmetry #1 and Snow Blind #1 this week, as I am a sucker for dystopian futures and rural noirs, respectively.  I am particularly excited for Snow Blind, which is a new comic from BOOM! Studios about a teen who accidentally discovers his father is in the witness protection program when he posts a photo of him on Facebook.  The art looks really interesting, so hopefully the writing is as well.  It could easily fall into the overdone “discovering a loved one’s dark past” noir trope, so fingers crossed.

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