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Still in my robe, I ran to the street. Umbrella in hand, slippers on feet. This was a magical day to say some of the least, the comic shop needed saving, but from what? I knew almost least. I’d had dreams of a horror, of soot and of flame and I knew all too well that I was to blame.

What’s on YOUR Pull List?

Mike Rapin

  • All-New X-Factor #17
  • Iron Fist: The Living Weapon #7
  • Nailbiter #8
  • Swamp Thing #37
  • The Tooth & Claw #2

Iron Fist: The Living Weapon is back! Woohoo! I cannot wait to see where Kaare Andrews takes us next in this series.

Nailbiter’s last one-off issue was a bit of comic genius–with Brian Michael Bendis showing up to write a comic book about the horrors of the Buckaroo, Oregon. A new arc in this story means a whole new direction for this book… or something. Joshua Williamson can’t write a bad book, I think.

The Tooth & Claw might be my new favorite fantasy story–and that’s fighting against Rat Queens. I was recommended this series by a podcast and even though they hyped it up, it was better than I could have expected.


  • Gotham Academy #3
  • Hinterkind #13
  • Iron Fist: The Living Weapon #7
  • Low #5

I’m still a bit conflicted on Gotham Academy. It’s got the mystery and Gotham lore that I want, but it’s got this anime/manga feel to it in visuals and tone that have me on the fence about it.  It might take a big moment to really, really grab me, but I’m definitely willing to hang on for a couple more issues.

Low was something I picked up by accident. Intrigued by the artwork, the premise was something I read once in a preview somewhere and had tucked in the back of my mind.  “What is this comic?” I said, scratching my head at the single issue laying at the bottom of my comic stack.  But I was pleasantly surprised,and continue to be.  Always fascinated by science-fiction, Low takes place in a world very unlike anything I’ve ever seen in a comic book.

Silently, stealthily, Hinterkind creeps once again onto my pull list.  I’ve not found a reason to drop this series, and it sates my hunger for fantasy comics. I had some issues with how the story seemed to be fragmenting, too many characters and locations dividing the story up too much.  But all in all, I trust where Ian Edginton is taking things and Francesco Trifogli’s art is pretty perfect for the series.

BUT, kung fu action is back with Kaare Kyle Andrews’ Iron Fist:The Living Weapon! This series is seriously good and after a little delay it’s starting a new story arc. If you’re into kung fu and superheroes and kung-fu-superheroes, pick this series up immediately!

Nick White

  • Action Comics #37
  • Batman Eternal #35
  • Birthright #3
  • Green Arrow #37
  • Green Lantern #37

As much as I enjoy Greg Pak’s writing (Batman/Superman,Turok) DC has made it difficult to only dip one’s toes into a universe, and ignore the adjacent titles.  In the case of Action Comics, it spent the first half of its issues to present largely (if not completely) isolated from any other book.  One can probably chalk that up to Grant Morrison’s general unwillingness to participate in “big two” cross-title shenanigans.  Since his departure, however, such has not been the case.  For somebody that’s eager to chop pricier titles, and not play any of DC’s games, cutting the book was a cinch.

Batman Eternal offers up another “hop-on” point.  The weekly series is 66% of the way through what will apparently be its first (previously, it was its only) season, and DC is still trying to get new readers.  Go figure.  That aside, this new beginning offers up some new artists: a fantastic cover by Vandroid and Suicide Risk cover artist Tommy Lee Edwards, while Phantom Stranger’s penciler Fernando Blanco takes over the interior art.  His work gave a more stylized edge to Phantom Stranger’s previously “meh” visuals.

While the second issue of Birthright furthered both narrative threads along, many of the questions dredged up by the introductory issue remain…and we can hope that the third might get at some of ‘em.

As for my due of DC “Greens” (Green Arrow and Green Lantern) this should be my final issue of the main ring-slingin’ title.  Because, you know, “Godhead.”  Now that I’ve “banked” several issues of Green Arrow following the departure of Jeff Lemire and Andrea Sorrentino, it’s time to take a look at the new team’s efforts.  If it’s a carbon copy of the show, I may well cut that book too.

Paul Jaissle

  • 2000 AD prog 1910
  • Action Comics #37
  • Batman Eternal #35
  • Gotham Academy #3

This week’s 2000 AD features the last installment of Rob Williams’ The Grievous Journey of Ichabod Azrael serial along with a stand-alone Dredd story. Anthology series can be a mixed bag usually, but 2000 AD is always an enjoyable read.

I’m glad that the Superman crossovers are done and Action Comics exists in it’s own little sphere again. The current horror-influenced story is good, but I might be done with this title when the next momentum-killing crossover arrives.

It seems like my enjoyment of a Batman Eternal issue is inversely proportional to the number of pages that feature Hush, the worst Bat-villain of them all.

I didn’t realize that I needed a comic about teenage girls investigating a haunted boarding school in Gotham, but I guess I did. Gotham Academy has been a lot fun so far, and a nice change of pace from the other Batman related titles out there.

Attention! And we’re out!

What’s on YOUR Pull List?

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