It’s a heck of a week for comics. Just a great week.

What’s on YOUR Pull List?

Mike Rapin

  • All-New Wolverine #3
  • Black Magick #3
  • East of West #23
  • Lazarus #21
  • Rat Queens #14
  • Ringside #2
  • Rumble #10

I am more than ready for Lazarus this week. Paired with the ever-fantastic Black Magick, I have to wonder: Can Greg Rucka do no wrong in 2016?

All-New Wolverine:  I love Laura Kinney as Wolverine. This story is exactly what an X-book should be: Twists on twists and drama and strained relationships. I’m really digging the relationship between Laura and Angel (Warren) in this book. Warren from the past being used to having to “save” women and Laura constantly reminding him that he’s being a dick about it. Plus, the more X-23 I can get in my life the better.

Rumble is still… something I read. I don’t hate it, but I feel the need to constantly re-read this book to make sure I know what’s happening. Not like East of West where I know the plot, but it’s just dense, but rather that I keep forgetting who is who and what happened… which is unfortunate because this book is quite beautiful and pretty funny. Maybe after this arc I’ll switch to collections for this series?

Paul Jaissle

  • Black Canary #6
  • Black Magick #3
  • Jem and the Holograms #10
  • Justice League #47
  • Ringside #2

Although I have been enjoying Black Canary, this might be my last issue. It is still a good series, but my pull list is in need of some trimming, and I don’t think this one will make the cut.

Justice League is currently one of the best books on DC’s roster right now thanks to the ongoing Darkseid War story, which manages to feel like a big crossover event while sticking to the the main title and not interfering with the rest of the DCU. This issue sees the returns of artist Jason Fabok and the Crime Syndicate!

As much as I enjoyed the first issue of Ringside, I hope this new one includes more wrestling-related action. I think writer Joe Keatinge has an interesting approach to the material, but a wrestling comic should at least feature some suplexes and stuff!

Scott Gregson

  • Black Magick #3
  • Lazarus #21
  • Multiversity #1 and #2: Directors Cut
  • Squadron Supreme #2

Suddenly a big week appeared! *Pokemon music* And the first week in a while, for me, with only one Marvel book in Squadron Supreme #2. First issue sets the scene, as per usual, but with almost entirely new characters it doesn’t feel as held back as, say, Extraordinary X-Men. We’re learning who Doctor Spectrum, Power Princess and the others are, rather than just learning what they’ve been doing since we last saw them reforming a band of mutants to stave off extinction.

Solo DC pick this week too – though that’s less unusual for me – and it’s not even 100% new. Multiversity #1 and #2: Directors Cut will be a great companion to the complete event and is something I hope becomes more common (since the last one of these I remember was for Final Crisis? Another big DC event by Grant Morrison… I sense a pattern).

Image, this week, are knocking it out of the park. Ending 2015 with a bang. Doing similarly impressive things alluded to with cliches. Black Magick #3 and Lazarus #21 – both by Greg Rucka – are the next book in two beautiful series. Lazarus is wrapping up it’s arc before going on hiatus while Black Magick is just heating up. Strong female leads, great art, killer writing… Image continues to be hard to beat on quality, even if the 10-year-old in me wants to keep reading about deformed people in spandex punching.


  • East of West #23
  • Lazarus #21
  • The Omega Men #7
  • Rat Queens #14

I haven’t been on the Weekly Pull List as of late. But with most of my series back and almost on a regular release schedule, all of their release dates falling on the same day, and my other focus of the I Read Comic Books podcast a bit more under control, I figured now’s as good a time as any to get my list on here.

The action in Lazarus is coming to a head as the arc wraps itself up and Forever find herself in armed conflict deep behind enemy lines. And, wow, is this series ever good. The itrigue and political maneuvering leaves little to be desired, and each issue makes me glad I found this series as early on as I did. It’s never too late to jump on however, and this is always a series that I’ll recommend to anyone and everyone if you’re even the tinsiest bit into science fiction.

The Omega Men continues to be a fantastic read. One of the more surprising of the titles I’ve read from DC in the recent past.  And even though I started reading this series late, thanks in large part to Nick, I’m a total fan and have been super excited that they brought it back from the dead, so to speak, for however many more issues they choose to give us.  With issues that can stand alone almost as well as they tie into the series’ story as a whole, each issue feels like a complete story beat. And honestly, I think I’d be happy, even if the series was canceled mid-run. But please don’t quote me on that. *knocks on wood*

Kate Skocelas

  • Black Magick #3
  • Revival Vol. 6

Like Mike, Paul, and Scott, I am excited to read Black Magick #3 this week.  Greg Rucka’s writing is as tight as a compressed spring.  According to Previews World, a new major character is introduced this week, which could be how “the threat begins to reveal itself” (Image’s tagline for this issue).

The sixth trade paperback of Image’s Revival also hits shelves this week.  As with most Image titles, I have been reading this one in trade format for purely economical reasons.  Though I adore the series and would buy, frame, and hang on my wall each issue for Jenny Frison’s spectacular cover art, Image’s $15 trade prices can’t be beat.

Side note: I actually do have a print of Revival #1’s cover framed and hanging on my wall.  I even had it signed by Frison at C2E2 last spring.  That’s right nerds, be jealous!

Nick White

  • Black Magick #3
  • Dr. Fate #7

Last week?  Two books. This week?  Two books.  Next week?  Probably not two books.

Thank goodness that 50% of this week’s pull is Greg Rucka and Nicola Scott’s Black Magick.  While the book is undoubtedly a contender for “Best First Issue” and “Best New Series” (though one has to wonder how willingingly they’d give out the latter to a book that will have only rolled out three issues by the time the ball drops in Times Square), I’m really impressed by how different the second issue was, a very dialogue-driven issue primarily dedicated to showing us interactions between Rowan and her partner on the force.  Rucka knows that you can lazily build characters through “info dumps,” or you can do it through interaction…even if that means eating up pages.

Oh, Dr. Fate.  I’m…two behind?  Look, I’ve struggled on here to put my finger on just what isn’t clicking for me about this title (despite Sonny Liew turning in some of the “best art you’ve never laid your eyes on”…because DC can’t market this book), and I think I finally know what it is.  You just can’t do an opening arc with an unfamiliar character for seven freakin’ issues.  That’s just too many.

What’s on YOUR Pull List?

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