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What’s on YOUR Pull List?

Mike Rapin

  • Daredevil #2
  • Dark Knight III: The Master Race #2
  • Extraordinary X-Men #4
  • Fight Club 2 #8
  • Outcast #14
  • Paybacks #4
  • Saga #32
  • Transformers vs G.I. Joe #10

Paybacks. I love this book. It’s my pick on this week’s I Read Comic Books and it is one of the funniest books being published right now. High five to this creative team.

Outcast continues to be creepy and crawly. I’m really curious where this new arc is taking us after the gut-wrenching last issue finished. What are the devil’s plans?

Saga is great. You know it. I know it. Don’t believe what Paul (below) says.

Finally, at this point, I don’t know why I’m still reading Fight Club. I call it the completionist in me. I need to see where this is going to go, and my high school-self won’t let it go.

Paul Jaissle

  • Art Ops #3
  • Black Canary #6
  • Daredevil #2
  • Dark Knight III: The Master Race #2
  • Nameless #6
  • Patsy Walker aka Hellcat #1
  • Transformers vs G.I. Joe #10

I’m giving Daredevil another shot this month. The first issue of Charles Soule and Ron Garney’s run didn’t grab me, but maybe this one will. Garney’s art is great though, and it brings a John Romita Jr. sort of grittiness to the book and character that I enjoy.

Similarly, I didn’t love the first issue of Dark Knight III, but I’m on board for issue two. Overall it felt like a Brian Azzarello Batman comic with very little of the edge that made the original Dark Knight Returns a classic. But the cliffhanger at the end of that first issue has me intrigued about the story Frank Miller and Azzarello have up their sleeves.

While working my way through ‘Jessica Jones’ on Netflix, I find myself think how much more I would enjoy a Patsy Walker aka Hellcat show instead. This new series from Kate Leth and Brittany Williams also features She-Hulk, so obviously I’m going to love it.

I’ve raved about Tom Scioli and John Barber’s Transformers vs G.I. Joe plenty of times, but that won’t stop me from once again declaring it BEST COMIC BOOK EVER!

Scott Gregson

  • Extraordinary X-Men #4
  • Patsy Walker aka Hellcat #1

I remember being so hyped for Bendis’ X-Men run but I missed the start, only really coming into it with Scott “going rogue” (not “Rogue”) with Uncanny X-Men. That started out fine, with the gang “doing their thing” and the greater story beginning to roll on around them. When Brian Wood wrote “X-Men” with a roster full of women, that book didn’t need much intro either, with the ladies just “doing their thing”, and the story starting around them. Lemire, in Extraordinary X-Men, has a much harder gig, having to open up cold from both Secret Wars and a mysterious “8 Months Later” time jump. I get that. I just wish his book had more X-Men “doing their thing” and less “getting the band back together”, but the previews for issue 4 seem to be focused back on Sinister and his shenanigans, so fingers crossed!

Also thanks to Secret Wars (and quite possibly the terrific Jessica Jones show over on Netflix) we have a new book starring Patsy Walker, aka Hellcat! It’s titled Patsy Walker aka Hellcat! and I’m super keen to be reading about a genuinely good lady, doing good things, for no other reason than to be genuinely good. I loved her character in Jessica Jones, and while that’s obviously not identical to this, seeing it’s being written by Kate Leth (Kate or Die!) with art by Brittney Williams (Samurai Jack!) tells me it’s going to be a charming little gem.

James Hahn

  • Island #5
  • Nameless #6
  • Dark Knight III: The Master Race #2

Island has been great from start to finish, giving me some exposure to tons of new creative teams, doing short little comics about whatever they can think up. I’m hoping that this series will start elaborating on previous stories, as opposed to mostly introducing new ones.

Nameless has had me on the fence for a few issues, but I’m giving this book one last chance. It’s Grant Morrison writing about insane, trippy space adventures. I’m staying for the art mostly, the story has yet to really grab me.

I was totally blown away by Dark Knight III, and will be subscribing to this comic. The art style is exactly the same as the old Frank Miller books, and I cannot get enough of it. The cliffhanger at the end of #1 is what really hooked me, and I can’t wait for the next issue.

Kate Skocelas

  • Patsy Walker AKA Hellcat #1
  • Saga #32
  • Pretty Deadly #7
  • Extraordinary X-men #4

This week I’m excited to pick up Patsy Walker AKA Hellcat #1.  Jessica Jones is currently my favorite live action superhero show, and Patsy is one of the best characters on it.  Tie-in fandom aside, I love that this is an all-female team (Kate Leth, Brittney Williams, and Megan WIlson) for a book featuring a smart, strong and morally robust leading lady.

To be honest, I’m pretty lost in Extraordinary X-Men. I was hoping this series would be a good jumping on point, because I haven’t read any X-men titles since All-New X-men Vol. 2. It’s not. This run is all about the aftermath of Scott and Logan’s deaths and the release of the Terrigen Mist.  Not having read those stories means having to piece together characters’ motivations from references in dialogue, which gives a spotty picture at best.

So why is it still on my pull list? Because – and I can’t overemphasize this – it’s really, really good.  My favorite X-Men moments are those between fights, when we get to see the relationships between mutants, and watch as they navigate their place in the mutant community.  This run has these moments in spades.  The best so far was in issue one between Illyana and Piotr, when Illyana visits her brother at their childhood home to talk him into joining the X-men.  I know many fans are hoping the story gets more fight-y, but I love it just the way it is.

Even though I adore Saga and Pretty Deadly, I’m considering not picking them up this week.  This is the first arc for each of these books that I’ve read as single issues instead of trades, and I’m not sure that I don’t prefer the latter.  I wish there was some insightful, literary reason why, but honestly I think it’s just habit.  Reading these precious gems in single issue just feels wrong.

Nick White

  • Bloodshot Reborn #9
  • Gotham by Midnight #12

Has there been a weekly pull this small…ever?  Well, I’m pretty certain it’s at least tied for my smallest pull.  It’s a mixed blessing, as usual.  Less comics = bad…but less money = bad, too.  Still, this duo of titles possesses the wrapping of fantastic arc, and the shuttering of a sometimes troubled title, so there’s no shortage of narrative here.  No siree.

I honestly thought Jeff Lemire painted himself into a corner with the opening arc of Bloodshot Reborn.  It was a masterclass on character reinvention if there ever was one, and thrust the character into a modern world with equally modern (if not frequently uncomfortable) topics.  Then Butch Guice jumped on the penciling duties for round two, and a self-destructive hunt for nanites begun…only to end here.  This arc’s possessed less twists and emotional heft than the first, but it’s remained undeterred in its goal to have us empathize with our albino buddy.  IF Lemire can explain the ending of issue eight in a way that is remotely believable though…there’s a real question.  Next month, this book goes Mad Max, with a jump thirty years into the future

And then there’s Gotham by Midnight.  This book has never really hit its stride…and I don’t think I’m going out on a limb to suggest that it has something to do with Ray Fawkes.  Maybe after his Jim Corrigan-centric Batman Eternal arc, DC felt he was the right person for the job…but I honestly think it should have been handed to James Tynion (the proof is in the pudding, and that pudding is named Constantine the Hellblazer).  I just can’t care about these characters.  Yay for Juan Ferreyra’s art being recognized, though.

Jonathan Francois

  • Saga #32

What else is there to say? I still enjoy Saga and its zany murderous space misadventures. I’ll keep looking forward to new issues for as long as they are being made.

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