My old pal, Emery! Haggard as ever. His hair was a mess, his clothes all in tatters. “This can’t be coincidence,” I thought all aloud. Emery stared at me furious, beginning to scowl. “How dare you come find me, on New Comic Book Day Eve!” I said, “Oh my dear man, you must listen, please!”

What’s on YOUR Pull List?

Mike Rapin

  • All-New X-Men #34
  • Avengers & X-Men: Axis #8
  • Black Widow #13
  • Moon Knight #10
  • Ms. Marvel #10
  • The Wicked + The Divine #6
  • Zero #13 (MR)

Lotsa Marvel books this week. It’s all good, though.

Black Widow is Marvel’s best book, I think. Last month’s issue was astounding and if you’re not reading this, you should have your brain checked. Nathan Edmonson’s Black Widow is boss and Phil Noto’s art is better. This book is amazing

Moon Knight was losing me, but #9 reeled me back in. I’m real shaking with Brian Wood’s Marvel work, but this book seems to be looking up.

Zero #12 was sick. It was killer. It was the last thing I expected and Kot’s writing slayed me. I can’t imagine how he will top himself.

I’m behind on Avengers & X-Men: AXIS, but that’s okay. I’m kind of getting sick of the ramifications outside of this book. It’s not bad, but it’s like eating too much candy: it’s great, but then your tongue is raw and your stomach feels gross. I need some sort of cleanser.

George Benson

  • Alex + Ada #11
  • Batman #37
  • Batman and Robin #37
  • Batman Eternal #37
  • Justice League #37
  • Multiversity: Thunder World #1
  • New 52 Future’s End #33
  • Trinity of Sin #3
  • Wonder Woman #37

It’s my favorite week for comics. I could talk all day about my list and other stuff that is coming out like, the Krampus! trade collecting the mini series but I will only share thoughts on a few.

Batman #37 is part three in the End Game storyline with the return of the Joker. Capullo and Snyder’s run on this title has been the best consistent Batman story ever in my opinion. I’ve been reading Batman for over 20 years and I can not remember a time when each issue was better than the previous. Don’t get me wrong, I loved the run Grant Morrison did, but this series is amazing.

Justice League #37 is still in the middle of the Amazo Virus outbreak which is a lot of fun. Always interested to see what Geoff Johns builds towards. Plus it’s the Justice League… more Aquaman is great!

Multiversity is one of my favorite titles right now. Each issue so far is stand alone but tied in at the same time, so you don’t really need to read it in any order just try it out!

Wonder Woman #36 was… a comic. We’ll see how this goes. I miss Brian Azzarello and Cliff Chiang.


  • Elektra #9
  • Moon Knight #11
  • Ms. Marvel #10

So, like, I’m real mad I forgot to stop pulling Elektra and Moon Knight. More so Moon Knight.

Moon Knight has been doing this thing where it’s slowly crept away from the supernatural roots Ellis planted at the beginning of the series.  And while Wood has gotten over the military obsession he had in the first two issues of his run on the series, he still has an understanding of the character that’s based on the real and the tangible. Marc Spector’s multiple personalities are clinical and more explainable, the latest issue showing Spector being analyzed by a psychiatrist. While issue #10 seems to be kicking the new arc off in an interesting direction, the foundation of the series isn’t what it was. And it that supernatural case-an-issue framework that made me pick up the series in the first place.

At least Elektra had a fun start to the new arc with a confrontation between The Hand and S.H.I.E.L.D. (appreciate that I put period in between all the letters please. such work so brave), keeping the focus on Elektra’s enemies and moving the story forward with action. But in the end, this series has been a failure at making Elektra anything more than a hardened emotionless killer. Little backstory. No depth. And maybe that’s the goal. Maybe it’s just supposed to be action-movie-popcorn-eating fun. That’s what it is, and I have no illusions to the contrary. But with an artist like Mike Del Mundo on for art, especially with how hard Marvel was trying to sell stuff based on his name, it’s disappointing to see his talents underutilized in a series like this,

I’m really just excited for Ms. Marvel this week. Maybe because it’s goofy and that’s the kind of superhero I’ve been into recently. Maybe I’m the broken one in this whole comic-critique relationship.  I’m buying into the gimicky tumblr-esque stuff that Marvel knows will sell. I’m buying into a fad. But this “fad” is important. This series and this this character has embiggening (get it? because comic book reference) implications on the rest of the Marvel universe and Marvel comics as a whole going into the future. Marvel’s smaller non-canon/lite-canon series like Ms. Marvel are honestly my favorite part of the Marvel universe right now.

Nick White

  • Batman #37
  • Batman and Robin #37
  • Batman Eternal #37
  • Manifest Destiny #12
  • Predator: Fire and Stone #3
  • The Sandman: Overture #4
  • Simpsons Comics #216
  • Trinity of Sin #3
  • Wytches #3

I’m only one issue into “Endgame” myself, with this week’s issue of Batman being the third, but I can already say that I’m digging the whole “Batman takes on the Justice League” plot.  Sure, it has been done before…but I’m willing to wager that Master of all Things Bat Scott Snyder will steer it in his own direction.  Unfortunately, that confidence is the only thing to go on, as the following is DC’s official summary: “it’s a story arc so steeped in mystery, all we can tell you is the title!”  Really?  From the company that revealed the fate of Damian Wayne months in advance, that’s all you can tell me?  Fine.  Be that way.

Man, oh, man, Pat Gleason’s cover for Batman and Robin #37 is easily on my top 20 covers of 2014 list (which doesn’t sound that flattering, but when one considers how many covers one encounters in a year…well, point made).  I was worried opting out of Green Lantern’s “Godhead” arc would cut me out of any of the Jack Kirby goodness DC has been dabbling in, but this book’s given me all that zaniness the “King of Comics” was known for.

This week Batman Eternal reaches a special milestone of sorts – for this week only, Batman Eternal lines up numerically with all of the New 52 launch titles (all of them sharing the issue number of #37).  If that doesn’t put a bemused look on your face, perhaps another Tommy Lee Edwards cover will.  This guy is “lights out” every damn week.  Oh, and Andrea Mutti (best known for his work on Evil Empire and Vertigo’s adaptations of The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo series) takes over on pencils.  I know not everybody appreciates this approach, but (even if it is out of necessity) I love the sheer amount of names contributing to this weekly series.

Manifest Destiny has this weird property to it – every time I get a new issue, it honestly feels like its been two months (or more) since the last one.  *Looks it up*  Oh.  It has been two months.

I just realized a few days ago that between pull titles (Predator, Robocop, Birthright) and trades (Nailbiter, Ghosted) I read an awful lot of Joshua Williamson.  Geeze.  That aside, I don’t have a whole bunch to say about Predator #3, as last month’s copy was delayed.

FOURTEEN, that’s right, FOURTEEN months after the initial issue hit store shelves, we are finally getting the fourth entry in The Sandman: Overture.  While the art of JH Williams III makes the wait understandable, waiting so long has made this miniseries difficult to follow.  I fear that having it in trade form won’t lessen the confusion, though.

Aaand, considering that I’ve already gone over a page, I’ll keep the rest of this brief: Simpsons will continue to be one of my go-to titles for light reading, Trinity of Sin needs to carve out a niche for itself soon before it turns into JM Matteis’ other book, JLD, and here’s to hoping Wytches #3 answers a few of the questions that the second issue brought up.

Paul Jaissle

  • 2000 AD prog 2015
  • Batman #37
  • Batman Eternal #37
  • Batman/Superman #17
  • The Multiversity: Thunderworld #1
  • Stumptown #4
  • The Wicked + The Divine #6

This week’s oversized year-end issue of 2000 AD features a new Low Life story by Rob Williams and D’israeli, a Judge Death story by John Wagner and Greg Staples, plus a whole lot more. Since all of the stories in this annual are either stand-alones or first chapters, this another good jumping-on point for curious new readers.

So far ENDGAME has been a much quicker paced story than most of Snyder’s work on Batman, which I really appreciate. Having Batman fight the Justice League, no matter how many times it’s been done before, usually makes for some fun comics, and throwing you-know-who in the mix only ups the excitement.

I thought I was done with Batman/Superman, but the current story about the World’s Finest trying to which villain is “Superman’s Joker” hits my sweet spot for Silver Age influenced comics.

Grant Morrison and Cameron Stewart have a tough act to follow after last month’s masterful “Pax Americana” chapter of Multiversity. This time, Morrison takes us to Earth-5, home to Captain Marvel and family. Morrison has always been fascinated with the magic of SHAZAM, and Stewart is one of my favorite artists, so I think this might be another amazing issue.

I loved the previous two volumes of Stumptown, but this current one has left me a bit cold so far. I wish I cared about anything as much as Greg Rucka seems to care about the Portland Timbers soccer team, which is the main focus of this story. It hasn’t been bad, I just don’t find myself that invested in it at all.


What’s on YOUR Pull List?

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