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What’s on YOUR Pull List?

Mike Rapin

  • The Autumnlands: Tooth & Claw #8
  • Imperium #11
  • Invincible #126
  • Martian Manhunter #7
  • Sex #26
  • The Wicked + The Divine #17

Martian Manhunter is kind of losing me. For some reason, I expected this book to be more… than just an action story. And maybe after the first arc, it will be, but from the get go, I was expecting more of a mystery and given how issue #6 ended, it felt rushed.

Invincible reboot madness. That’s all I can really say. This book is back to being one of the best on my pull list. This alternate-history set up is really working for me. Can’t say much more than that. Oh, and Ottley’s art is fantastic.

Sex is consistently in the middle of my pull. It’s never awful, but never insanely good. But it’s always something I look forward to. Joe Casey is a madman and this is feels like whatever you would call a “classic” comic. This is a great book. I don’t know if I’ve read a more consistent book.

Finally, The Wicked + The Divine, is doing things. Just things. I don’t know what the point is, but I am seeing it through.

Kate Skocelas

  • Beauty #5
  • Clean Room #3
  • Mighty Thor #2
  • Huck #2

I’m still picking up Beauty.  Why?  Well… I’m not sure.  I suppose my rationalization is that I need to finish out this story arc.  I’m bad at dropping books, guys.

Clean Room, though, continues to be awesome.  I’m looking forward to issue 3 this week.  We’ve been inside the Clean Room and it was… well no spoilers, but it was pretty messed up.  Anyone who likes horror comics and awesomeness should check this book out.

Speaking of awesome, Mighty Thor #2 comes out this week.  We’ve got Dr. Jane Foster wielding Mjölnir while doing chemotherapy, trying to save the worlds from a political struggle that’s taking place.  It’s an interesting new take on the character with a lot of places it could go.

Finally, I ended up snagging a digital copy of Huck last week, and man was it good!  I did not expect much from this book, which was posed as sort of a “what if Superman was just a really good guy?” (snore).  The answer to that question (at least so far) has been a lot, because even if he’s just a laid back, great guy, the world is still going to want to use and exploit him.  Media’s got to get its frenzy on, you know what I’m saying?

Paul Jaissle

  • Batman ‘66 #30
  • Judge Dredd #1
  • Justice League #46
  • Martian Manhunter #7

I’ve been buying Batman ‘66 digitally, but I’m going to pick up the physical version of this final issue because of Mike Allred, who’s supplying the art. Allred has been doing the covers for this series, but this is the first issue to include his art on the interiors. Adam West Batman + Jeff Parker writing + Mike Allred art = everything I like, basically.

IDW’s previous Judge Dredd series was good, but it lacked the sort of sharp satire that makes Dredd such an interesting character and franchise. The opening arc of this new series, co-written by Ulises Farinas and Erick Freitas with art by Dan McDaid, apparently has Dredd and the rest of Mega City One transported to the stone age. That’s just the sort of ridiculous set up that could make for a classic Dredd story.

Over the past few months, Justice League has become my most anticipated read each week it arrives. The current ‘Darkseid War’ story is exactly the sort of over-the-top superhero epic that’d been missing from my pull list. Francis Manapul returns for art duties this month, which is exciting since his work on the previous issue was some of the best looking comic book art I’ve seen all year.

James Hahn

  • Klaus #2
  • Cognetic #3
  • Tokyo Ghost #4

Klaus #1 was everything I was hoping for and more. Klaus takes some crazy mushrooms and steals all the toys in town, causing a lot of trouble in the nearby castle. He harasses corrupt guards, and violently murders quite a few with his giant wolf companion. This is more than some hacky Christmas story, this is Grant Morrison turning your childhood idol into a badass.

Cognetic turned into one of my favorite random #1 grabs. There are several beings that can transmit their consciousness across groups of humans and control them, and of course one of them has malicious intentions, taking over a skyscraper and manipulating anyone who enters inside it. This book really disturbed me to my core in only 2 issues, I can only imagine how this one will finish.

I love Tokyo Ghost. The art by Sean Gordon Murphy and Matt Hollingsworth always impresses me, somehow combining sketch-book style pencil work with magnificent, intricate backgrounds. This book has made me a Rick Remender fan, and I’ll go read Black Science and Deadly Class as soon as I can scrape together the cash.

Scott Gregson

  • Squadron Supreme #1
  • Silk #2

Man, I’ve been looking forward to Squadron Supreme #1 for some ridiculous amount of time that might only be 3 to 4 months. Partly for (writer) James Robinson. Partly for (artists) Leonard Kirk. Partly for the return of Jonathan Hickman’s Hyperion (and Dr Spectrum from The Great Society). Partly for the Death of Namor. But mostly because I’ve been wanting a cool intro to the Squadron Supreme ever since I loved the (now cringe inducing) Ultimate Power mini-series. Look, these aren’t your reasons, ok? These are my reasons. Don’t judge me!

Silk is quickly becoming one of my favourite characters, along the lines of Nightwing and Nightcrawler (didn’t mean to pick two “night…” characters), who are positive and not fighting evil for some deep dark tragedy but because they can, because it’s the right thing to do, and because they enjoy it. The series has just kicked off, and the plot of Silk “going bad”, to both defeat the Goblin Nation and find her family, looks to place her outside of the “Spider Family” which is good cos I’ve never been a big Spider-Man fan.

Nick White

  • Descender #8
  • Imperium #11
  • Ivar, Timewalker #12
  • Justice League United #16
  • Wrath of the Eternal Warrior #2

You know what’s weird?  On some level, I honestly think last month’s issue of Descender could/should have been the issue to wrap the first arc…and not the one to kick off the second one.  Then again, with the extended absence this book took, it’s possible readers might have forgotten where Lemire and Nguyen’s masterpiece of a space opera left off.  The only real mystery now is that, given the profession of the character revealed, what is his intent for TIM-21?

I’ll level with ya, I prefered Imperium when it was juggling the dichotomy of Toyo Harada between the Steve Jobs half, and the Magneto half…and the parts that uncomfortably blurred the line between the two.  It was a disturbing sort of amusement to watch him go toe-to-toe on some “talking heads” news program one minute, and then erase a military bunker off the face of the earth with the sheer powers of his mind, the next.

That’s telekinesis, Kyle.

But now…now it’s more like “what faction, no matter how unlikely or seemingly unrelated, will get in Harada’s way, and force an all-out war?”  Which…still looks neat…but lacks the usual complexity and nuance that Joshua Dysart usually brings to the table.

Ivar, Timewalker rolls out its last issue this week.  Didn’t see that happening.  Especially given Valiant’s tendency to cap books at the twenty-five issue mark, or as a four issue miniseries/event (with the weird exception of X-O Manowar…don’t ask).  So, to see Ivar get capped at the length of a maxiseries was surprising.  Equally interesting is the fact that someone else will be taking up the title of “timewalker” in his stead…and there’s really only one person I think is even slightly qualified…so here’s hoping they pull from straight out of left field and give it to Archer.

This week also heralds the end of Justice League Unlimited, which Jeff Parker lovingly revived following the Convergence break…and DC Comics/readers just didn’t care.  Still, if you’re gonna go out, there’s no better way than with Travel Foreman pencils.

Finally, Wrath of the Eternal Warrior rolls out its second issue…and I haven’t had this many burning questions about a book in a while (and I mean that in a good way).  If I was Robert Venditti, the only thing I’d be worried about is how the hell I’m going to match the excellence of the introductory issue.  Oh, and Raul Allen’s art is…well…keep an eye on this guy, people!

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