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What’s on YOUR Pull List?

Mike Rapin

  • Imperium #3
  • Rai #8
  • Rat Queens #10
  • Saga #27
  • Surface #2
  • The Dresden Files: Down Town #3
  • The Legacy of Luther Strode #1

The Surface. Just. Take a listen to episode 14 of the I Read Comic Books podcast for a further discussion, but this book is bending my mind and I want more. Kot is doing something incredibly big with this series and I simply exist as witness to it.

I was initially pretty hesitant to like Stjepan Sejic’s art on Rat Queens. Fortunately, my worry was for naught. This series is back to being fantastically amazing. Kurtis Weibe’s writing is perfectly on point and as emotional and hilarious as the previous 9 issues have been. I’m certain this next issue will be just as great.

Having read the other Luther Strode books in quick succession last year, I eagerly look forward to The Legacy of Luther Strode. The fact that Tradd Moore dropped out of All-New Ghost Rider to come back to this series with Justin Jordan has me pretty giddy. Superior blood and violence awaits.


  • Legacy of Luther Strode #1
  • The Surface #2
  • Rat Queens #10

Since reading The Surface I’ve felt the same post-Supreme: Blue Rose mind-bending effects.  There’s a lot to this comic. A lot that I probably won’t get on my first read through. A lot of existential themes that even in the first issue pushed the boundaries of my perception of the medium and what it means to tell a story.

On the other hand. I also like reading comics about people punching each other.  Legacy of Luther Strode is just that. People punching.  Punching in the most beautiful way.  Every time, I hope to see more deeply into the world of Luther Strode, and every time Justin Jordan and Tradd Moore give me just enough to make me wonder even harder about the mysteries Luther’s strange talent. I still can’t believe this is finally coming out.

Jonathan Francois

  • Copperhead #6
  • Nameless #3
  • Rat Queens #10
  • Saga #27

What a week. Copperhead returns to start the next installment of a beautiful, grungy space western. The last arc was brilliantly done, so I have no reason to expect anything but good things from the next arc of the story.

Nameless is super weird so far, but I’m still into it. It hasn’t been so strange as to lose my interest, but we’ll see what the next few issues have in store.

And then there’s Ratqueens which is in the middle of a gigantic conflict that has been building for quite some time. And the new artist has settled in nicely to their role, which was a huge relief for me.

Last, but not least, Saga continues to be a beautifully written story. ‘Nuff said.

Paul Jaissle

  • 2000 AD prog 1925
  • Nameless #3
  • Saga #27
  • Southern Cross #2
  • Surface #2
  • Transformers vs G.I. Joe #6

Would you look at that lineup? That’s a solid week of comic book goodness. The last issue of Nameless delivered on the series’ promise of occult astronaut action and horrific nihilism. Fun! Seriously though, this is another example of why Grant Morrison is my favorite writer: even if I never know what’s going on, I just enjoy being along for the ride.

Speaking of horror-tinged sci-fi, I really dug the first issue of Southern Cross by Becky Cloonan and Andy Belanger. Although the central story is based on a murder mystery, it’s clear that this book will be going some interesting places soon.

In case you haven’t heard me rave about it, Transformers vs G.I. Joe is my favorite series right now. Tom Scioli is doing some amazing work on this book by mixing his Jack Kirby influenced art with a more experimental narrative style. For a title based on licensed properties, this has a great punk rock, outsider art sort of feel unlike anything else on the stands right now. Like Kirby himself once said, “Don’t Ask! Just Buy It!”

Attention! And that’s comics!

What’s on YOUR Pull List?

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