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What’s on YOUR Pull List?

Mike Rapin

  • Bitch Planet #4
  • Invincible #119
  • Moon Knight #14
  • New Avengers #33
  • Outcast #8
  • Silver Surfer #11
  • They’re Not Like Us #5
  • X-Men #26

Outcast continues to be a series I look forward to every month. Kirkman is building a small, scary, southern world in which demons run quietly through the shadows. If we do see a TV show out of this series, I hope it matches the subtle horror this comic brings to us each month.

With X-Men, I’m sort of riding this series out. It’s coming to a close with Secret Wars ramping up and I’m kind of reading for a sense of completion. Hopefully the ending will be a nice pin for the series, but with the ups and downs we’ve seen with story arcs, I feel like Wilson’s story will end well, but it won’t be a great round off to the series.

Bitch Planet is a series I’m a bit torn on, mostly due to the weird schedule the series is following with two issues on primary story, and one off. Given that this is only issue #4, I may be making some judgements too quickly, but I’ve already forgotten the main story of this series. Hopefully this month will slap me in the face and prove me wrong.

Invincible #118 was such a fantastic issue, it’s made reading since #1 worth it. I’m not sure where Kirkman is really taking this series, but it feels like this is the beginning of a new era in the book–something that’s been a long time needed.

Jonathan Francois

  • Invincible #119

We’re one issue into the new direction that Invincible has taken and I’m interested to see where things go. At first glance it seems like it will have less punching and more talking, which is fine as long as it’s done correctly. While I remain optimistic about the series, it is a guarded optimism.

Paul Jaissle

  • 2000 AD prog 1928
  • Batman #40
  • Convergence: Shazam #1
  • Daredevil #15
  • Multiversity #2

I’m finally dipping my toes into the murky waters of DC’s CONVERGENCE crossover with this week’s Convergence: Shazam, which reunites the Flash Gordon creative team of Jeff Parker and Evan ‘Doc’ Shaner. Flash Gordon was one of my favorite titles of the last year, and Parker and Shaner are the perfect creators to capture the Silver Age fun of Shazam.

The end of Mark Waid and Chris Samnee’s run on Daredevil is, sadly, rapidly approaching. Over the course of his run, Waid has made Matt Murdock one of my favorite Marvel characters, and, as much I enjoyed the Netflix series, I am really going to miss this version of the Man Without Fear.

ENDGAME ends in Batman this month, and Scott Snyder promises it’ll lead to the biggest change in the character’s history. I’ve successfully avoided any and all spoilers about this issue’s conclusion and the new Batman status quo, so I am excited to see exactly what happens. The return of Batman Jones, perhaps?

Speaking of big endings, Multiversity wraps up this month too. Grant Morrison’s final statement on the DC Universe has been one of the most interesting things he’s written in a while, and overall it’s been a real treat to see him explore the corners of the multiverse. That said, I have no idea how in the worlds he’s going to wrap everything up with this issue, but I can’t wait to see what tricks he has left up his sleeve.

George Benson

  • Alex + Ada #14
  • Batman #40
  • Convergence #4
  • Justice League #40
  • Multiversity #2
  • Princess Leia #3

Batman I know what you’re thinking, “George is excited for a Batman book? Huge surprise!” However this one is going to be insane! It’s the last issue of Endgame, and you have to give a hand to the Joker on what happened in the last issue. I have honestly no idea how this will end.

The final issue of Multiversity so we shall see how this ends. I’m sure it’ll be crazy.

And finally Princess Leia, it is the best Star Wars comic that is being written.

Attention! And that’s it!

What’s on YOUR Pull List?

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