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What’s on YOUR Pull List?

Mike Rapin

  • Cry Havoc #4
  • East of West #25
  • Extraordinary X-Men #9
  • Hyperion #2
  • Invincible #127
  • Jonesy #3
  • Karnak #3
  • Lazarus Sourcebook #1
  • Martian Manhunter #11
  • Snowfall #3
  • Superman: American Alien #6
  • Transformers vs. G.I. Joe #12

Holy comics, Batman! That’s a lot of them!

Jonesy continues to be a fun little weird book and I’m all about it. Where its going? No idea. Mini-series are fun like that.

Superman: American Alien and Transformers vs G.I. Joe are on their penultimate issues and it’s kind of nice. They’re both wrapping up and both books are fun stories I don’t think I would have normally read; I’m happy to have started picking them up. I’m certain they’ll both be taking me for quite the ride this month and come their final issues… I may cry.

At this point, I’m sort of just seeing Martian Manhunter through. Nothing more to say there. The book keeps going back and forth for me.

Hyperion #1 was a weird story. In a bad way, but I have faith in this story. I really like the idea of Hyperion as a character and the struggle he’s facing from #1 has the potential to be very good. I’m keeping my hopes up.

Paul Jaissle

  • Action Comics #51
  • Cry Havoc #4
  • Martian Manhunter #11
  • Transformers vs GI Joe #12

Martian Manhunter is one of the stranger books from DC right now. It’s a mix of superheroics, sci-fi, and body horror that examines the concept of identity. I really like the way writer Rob Williams has been able to expand and explore the history of the title character without changing the basic core of J’onn J’onzz.

This is the penultimate issue of Transformers vs GI Joe, and you know it’s gonna be a good one since Cobra Commander returns! This series is perfect, and as sad as I am to see it end soon, it’s been a fantastic ride.

Kate Skocelas

  • Huck #6
  • All-New Hawkeye #6
  • Captain Marvel #4
  • Snowfall #3
  • Cry Havoc #4
  • Mirror #3

Huck is an odd mix of ongoing and miniseries.  According to Image, it’s actually a set of three six-issue miniseries that follow the title character.  This week’s issue will conclude the first miniseries, and I’m interested to see how much they tie-up versus leave hanging to feed into the next, the way you would with a traditional ongoing arc.  If you haven’t checked this series out yet, I highly recommend picking up the first trade, slated to be released on July 20th.

All-New Hawkeye is also wrapping up a story arc this week.  This hasn’t been a particularly strong arc, and it certainly wouldn’t have been a good jumping on point (despite what the renumbering would suggest).  Perez’s art and my undying love of Kate Bishop is what keeps me reading at this point.

As for the others, Captain Marvel just keeps getting better and better; Snowfall just keeps getting weirder and weirder.  I’m an issue behind on Cry Havoc and Mirror, so those are just getting pulled to add to the pile.

Nick White

  • Bloodshot Reborn #12
  • Dept. H #1
  • Divinity II #1
  • Dr. Fate #11
  • Snowfall #3

Why does it seem like forever since the last issue of Bloodshot Reborn?  *starts Googling stuff*  Ah, apparently the month the Bloodshot Reborn Annual #1 came out, they didn’t have an issue of the ongoing title.  On that note, and I’ll say it again, if you want a dystopian narrative roping in all elements of a pre-existing comic book universe, one that’ll have you wondering if Jeff Lemire had Mad Max: Fury Road playing in the background and a copy of Old Man Logan on the table, look no further.

Apparently it’s called Dept H.  Early logo/concept art had it looking like it was either that or Depth (which I’m sure was the intent)…but I’m glad I know what to call it now.  This book from Dark Horse features Matt Kindt on both writing and drawing duties, with his wife Sharlene on colors.  It promises to be more straightforward and less chock-full of the “mind-effery” that Mind MGMT was.  Interestingly enough, this twenty-four issue series follows Mia, a special investigator tasked with looking into potential sabotage on a deep sea research facility, when an explosion rocks the place.  Mia now has twenty-four days (each issue chronicling one) to find the saboteur and escape.

If the first Divinity series from Valiant gave us a reluctant hero with powers worthy of his moniker, I’m pretty confident that Divinity II might provide the Valiantverse with a new villain of equal abilities.  I think this thing is going to do fine…did any of you see the numbers for the original miniseries?  Like, sixth printing, seventh printing?  Crazy.

Finally, I’m behind on both Dr. Fate and Snowfall, but I am going to read the second issue of the latter tonight…and hope it’s maybe a bit better than my impressions of the first.

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