Are you ready for comics this week? We certainly are, and we want to know:

What’s on YOUR Pull List?

Mike Rapin

  • The Fade Out #5
  • Magneto #17
  • Ms. Marvel #14
  • Uncanny X-Men #33

This is something of a short week for me. I have a feeling that I’ll be picking up something on a whim via Comixology.

The Fade Out begins a new, noir-ish arc this week. I’m pretty excited about this. Brubaker and Phillips have mastered their craft, and we readers are witnessing their nigh-perfect work. Where this book is going, I’m not too certain, but in a good way. Like starting the next chapter in a book series, there are hints, but you can’t truly know (or guess) until you read it.

Ms. Marvel is getting very teen-oriented, and I’m totally okay with that. Romance? Drama? Super powers? What is this, X-Men? I’m way too hooked on this book.

Jonathan Francois

  • Thor #7

I’ve really been enjoying the new Thor comic. It’s the perfect mix of humor, action, and good storytelling. So, suffice to say that I am in no way disappointed that this is my only pull for the week.

Paul Jaissle

  • 2000 AD prog 1926
  • Fade Out #5
  • Stray Bullets: Sunshine and Roses #3

Pretty light week for me, which is fine because that gives me more free time to binge watch Daredevil.

So far, The Fade Out might be my favorite Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips collaboration yet. It has the same intricate storytelling as Criminal, but set against a fascinating backdrop of late 1940s Hollywood. It’s a mystery in a town where everyone is pretending to be someone else.

Nick White

  • Bloodshot Reborn #1
  • D4VE #3
  • The Fade Out #5
  • The Simpsons #220

Pretty small list again, keeping in mind that “Convergence” is in full effect.  Good stuff though, good stuff.

While I’ve read the first few trades of the rebooted Bloodshot as well as Harbinger Wars, I’ve never felt a deep connection with that nanite-infused bulldozer of a man…if you can call him one.  In a way, Bloodshot struck me as one of Valiant’s characters that still came across as an undeniably nineties creation.  It was still fun, but mostly dumb fun (not that there’s anything wrong with that either).  However, with Bloodshot Reborn following the events of The Valiant, I’m not even certain where one can even go with the character.  *SPOILERS*  It would appear that some of Bloodshot’s *ahem* defining characteristics might be gone.  But if there’s anybody to pull off a psychological character exploration of a repeatedly brainwashed murder-bot, it’s Jeff Lemire.  Mico Suayan’s art looks fantastic too.

Oh D4VE.  So funny, so irreverent, and a fantastic satire on everyday life.

Look, I love The Fade Out, it’s a riveting tale.  But when you’re juggling an ever-increasing cast, and more and more plot lines, taking two or three month breaks does not help me recall things.  Unless this book starts coming out closer to that of a monthly, it might be a much easier read in trade form.  Say what you will, but it seems like a sizeable amount of Image books have been taking breaks/facing delays within the last year.

And, finally, in this week’s other funny book, Simpsons Comics has Ned Flanders taking over Homer’s beloved bar, Moe’s.  I can hardly wait.

Attention! What’s good this week? Why don’t you tell us!

 What’s on YOUR Pull List?

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