From Somalia, to New York, to Norway, the crew of The Kapital has definitely been making tracks in the past few of The Massive’s story arcs.  Admittedly, I’ve continued my habit of waiting for an entire three issue arc of The Massive to come out before reading it.  Each chapter feels more complete and meaningful when read together in its full three issues than reading one issue a month and maybe having to go back and re-read to get a sense of it all again.

So to read only the first issue of a three part arc was like watching one episode of a serial, or the first third of a movie. It piqued my interest. It left me with questions. It will keep me around for more.  And The Massive does this consistently. I has me invested in the characters in a way that few other series do.  I’m actively interested in these characters and their struggles. Make no mistake, each individual issue is not lessened by the absence of the others. It’s that feeling similar to the season finale of a show where you’re made to think someone is dead and you have to wait bunches of months to find out what actually happened, and you don’t care that you’re being toyed with because you’re more concerned with the story and the characters.  It’s that kind of good.  But, anyways… issue #19.


The Story: Norway months in The Kapital’s wake, the crew find themselves apart, at odds with each other and poised to strike out at different goals.  Haunted by the events in New York and Norway, Captain Callum Israel has become a different man.  Sobered by the status of his health, he has slowly decided that his solutions need not always be peaceful and his methods nonviolent.  As he ventures into Europeans desolate Eastern Bloc, we see him return to his old Blackbell PMC ways as he tracks down those that would see him and his crew dead.

This issue promises and arc that will see a challenge to Callum’s morals and everything he previously stood for.  He seems on track to go against his previous nonviolent moral code, but will someone or something get in his way and make him think twice? As situations evolve our protagonists must deal with harder choices and harsher consequences, and it is here that The Massive excels. Brian Wood has done a tremendous job throughout this series, but specifically in this story arc “Bloc”, to create and develop characters whose values and missions are constantly challenged and threatened by the ever darkening post-crash world around them.


The Art: by Garry Brown is incredible as always.  His use of heavy lines and shadow give the story a gritty feel as the crew enters the shadow of the Eastern Bloc. Land and cityscapes, a wonderful staple of the series, stand dark and bleak against the skyline. Colorist Jordie Bellaire keeps with the series as well, also working on site favorite Pretty Deadly.  The muted colors of the series continue in this issue, the colors of the bloc contrasting the brighter idyllic colors of The Kapital in the opening pages.

Issue after issue, this series continues to produce excellent stories and breathtaking moments between characters.  Even when diverting from the initial storyline of tracking down The Massive, the crews adventure’s around the globe show us the extent of the post-crash world that Wood has created and the history and growth of the characters.  And it’s all so rewarding.  Whether it’s the deep and engrossing story and characters, the amazing imagery, or the DMZ and Northlanders styled story arcs, The Massive delivers so much in the pages of each and every issue.  If there’s one series you’re not reading but should, it’s this one.

The Massive can be purchased at your Local Comic Shop or a Dark Horse’s website.

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