We’ve all been there, Saturday night, out with the boys to hit on some women and toss back a few cold ones. Going out for drinks is a pretty standard sort of thing to do when you have a few extra green backs in your pocket and you want to live it up. Usually this all kind of fizzles out when you lose track of one of your buddies, which is worse when there is tequila involved.

While there isn’t any sign of tequila in this Goon one-shot, there are plenty of bar brawls and tap beer to be had. At least for Goon, Franky, and sailor Georgia (his name isn’t Georgia but… well… Franky just doesn’t care). We are taken on a journey with this odd trio to search of Georgia’s shipmate, Harvey. Nothing can go wrong with this set up, right? Right! Just another night out with the boys.

When going out with Goon and Franky you have to be ready to get into some tough situations and not be shy about a frosty mug of beer. A lot of beer with these two. The trio visit just about every sort of bar that can be visited in search of Harvey. It would not be a proper night out without a few brawls, three weird hobos, and celebrity figures added in for good measure.

Name dropping at it's finest.

Name dropping at it’s finest.

This is an outrageous story that adds nothing to what is considered to the overall continuity of The Goon. Believe it or not, that is what really allows Eric Powell to just go nuts and have fun with the story. Each panel does well to move the story and you enjoy taking this lengthy pub crawl with the trio. The story almost makes it seem like this is just another weekend night for Goon and Franky.

Cannot stress enough that there are a lot of gags and puns in this one-shot. Eric Powell does it again to give nice filler for the casual and serious readers to experience. That said, it is just filler and may not add a lot of added benefit in understanding the characters or the any foreseen future plot points in forthcoming story arcs.

Final Impressions:                                                                         

If a person is looking for a modest introduction to The Goon, then this is a good way to meet the characters. Nothing new is being done here in terms of storytelling. There are obvious gags and gutter humor that Powell does well. The art is smooth and nice to look at, the dialog easy to follow and the flow of events is smooth. The ending is pretty predictable, but it is still a nice comedy for adults. Long time fans of Powell will enjoy this one-shot, but new readers will probably just find it odd. In the end, that is the joy of Eric Powell’s writing style!

Right in the kisser!

Right in the kisser!

If you want to pick up this issue, do so from the following outlets:
Comixology, TFAW, Dark Horse Comics, My Comic Shop, and Comic Shop Locator

Overall Score
80 %

A quick read for the fan & uninitiated alike to enjoy.

Art 90%
Story 80%
Pacing 90%
Humor 90%

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