Two weeks after our first podcast (and so, right on schedule) DestroyTheCyborg’s second podcast has reached air. If you just can’t get enough of us, let us know and we can try to make it every week. Listen online below or download it from our site or iTunes.

On this episode of The DestroyTheCyborg Podcast: Matt, Dianna, Zander and Ben get into a lengthy discussion about the upcoming (wait, it comes out tonight?!?!) Marvel T.V. show Marvel’s Agents of Shield. This somehow turns into us discussing our recent comic pulls and later devolves into a couple hate rants about crossovers and how ridiculous the concept of Battle of the Atom is.

This podcast was broadcast live on Saturday morning, but hopefully you’ll find our discussion of the show interesting even if you’ve already seen the show.

About The Author

Renowned Novelist. Internet Celebrity. Swedish Chef. He was born a poor boy in the Bronx to a recently widowed ex-porn-star named Juliet. As a young man he struggled long and hard before eventually overcoming his rough start. He began a year long hike over the Appalachians and across the country before eventually arriving in Hong Kong, the City of Angels.

Here, with his forged papers, he found employment at a local dive bar. At the age of 20 he decided he had had enough of serving drinks to cocaine-addled strippers and their greasecovered car-repairman-turned-druglord dealers and left on a journey back to his hometown where he started a band, broke up the band, married a famous geologist, got a divorce, and finally opened up his own bakery/film studio: Purple Flamingo Productions.

None of this is true and he is actually a videographer based in the midwest who spends his days working at a local theater. Benjamin Perry: Filmmaker. Nerd. Sarcastic Asshole.

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