prv3283_pg1With so many brightly clad supermen patrolling the skies nowadays how’s a guy supposed to make a simple dishonest living? Enter Jackie Estacado, the thrice-damned host for an immortal evil known simply as the Darkness, and all-around nice guy. Sure, he may be the head of the Franchetti crime family and a hired gun before that and ok, he doesn’t bat an eye or think twice before putting a bullet in someone’s head (or letting the Darkness have its fun with the poor sod) but he does it with such class and panache you can’t help rooting for the guy. So what mess has our intrepid mob boss gotten himself into this time?

For those of you that know anything about the Darkness you may be aware that Jackie has had some awesome crossovers/team-ups over the years. He’s met Lara Croft, Vampirella, Painkiller Jane and Dr. Strange and tangled with the Incredible Hulk, Ghost Rider, Superman and Wolverine, just to name a few. Are any of these stories even remotely close to Darkness canon? Ehh. Are they a blast to read? Without a doubt. Luckily for us Darkness/Pitt #1 starts the limited series off in the same stellar tradition, pitting everyone’s favorite evil playboy and a burly alien hybrid against an army of extraterrestrial zombies. Yeah, for reals.

In a book like this you wouldn’t expect the story to amount to much but Paul Jenkins (of Hellblazer and Marvel comics fame) weaves a pretty tale that manages to tie Jackie and Pitt together while holding water at the same time. A quick synopsis goes a bit like this: Jackie gets attacked by alien zombies while eating his favorite veal escalopini and when he sets out to investigate he runs into Pitt and his little brother Tim, who looks to be about 10. While the particularly stoic Pitt isn’t quite that interesting (unless he’s tearing into zombies), the fun bits come from Tim and Jackie’s exchanges. Tim’s enamored by the smooth talking gangster and Estacado doesn’t seem to mind the little guy either.  All the while two government spooks are following the unlikely trifecta from the shadows, quite possibly the worst place to be when messing with a guy like Jackie.

When I first became interested in the Darkness, some 7 years ago, Dale Keown’s pencils were what I saw first and have set my standard for Darkness art to this day. In my mind nobody quite captures the violently visceral, rotten world of the Darkness like Keown and it’s great to seem him back in the game (he also did the art for The Darkness vs. The Incredible Hulk, another phenomenal crossover). Jackie looks great and the darklings are just as vile and repulsive as you remember them. Gore abounds and you’ll certainly come across more than your pound of flesh as you flip the pages. Not to be neglected, Keown’s Pitt is awesomely massive and Tim, Pitt’s little brother, is the perfect picture of an innocent weapon of mass destruction. The art is simply top-notch and I tip my hat to Mr. Keown.

From what I’ve seen so far, this Darkness/Pitt crossover is going to be a really fun romp through piles and piles of alien zombies. What more can you ask for? While all of our favorite titles are tied up in company wide crossovers the Darkness/Pitt book is a little breath of fresh air.  Just read and enjoy, you’ll be glad you did.


Check out a preview here, courtesy of Comic Book Resources

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