In a few words, Titanfall looks to be the lovechild of MechWarrior and Modern Warfare with Pacific Rim named as a god parent. Skilled mech (they’re called titans in the game) pilots duke it out in, what amounts to, a really intense game of Rockem Sockem Robots. Although the game won’t be released until March 11th, The Art of Titanfall is already available for purchase. This coffee table book is 192 pages of the giant ass-kicking mechs Titanfall universe.

A quick glance through the table of contents tells you that there are only about 72 pages of “stuff that is constructed/designed to kill you.” And only about 20 of the 72 are for showcasing the actual Titans of Titanfall. The remaining 100ish pages are dedicated to the different locations and maps that the game will take place in, on, and around. At first, I was more than a little disappointing about the distinct lack of giant robots beating the shit out of each other in an art book about a game where giant robots beat the shit out of each other.

But, as I made my way into the “places and locations” chapter, the true purpose of the book was made clear to me. This book is all about giving a greater understanding and depth to the universe and creation of Titanfall. After making this realization, I went back through and actually read (not just casually glance over because there are pretty pictures on the page) the descriptive text that accompanied almost every image in the book. If I had never been told that a particular helmet had been inspired by Boba Fett’s, it wouldn’t have changed anything about the game for me. But, knowing where the inspiration for certain costume and set pieces came from makes it feel like there’s added value to the game.

If I really just wanted to see robots fighting, I could just buy the game. The book’s focus on different locations made me feel like I was more in tune with the general goings on of the setting. Did I need to know that this particular city has a thriving shipping industry and is a hub for most major industries? No, but it does explain a lot about the little details that have been strewn about the city.

The one thing I wish they had included more of is the creatures. There are, at most, half a dozen pages that go over the awful, kill-tastic looking creatures of Titanfall. Every single creature seemed ready and able to defend itself and splatter the squishy bits of human on any and every nearby surface. And just as I had seen enough to make me really interested in the ecology of the planet(s), they switched subjects. Perhaps I am just over interested in frightening creatures, but I really wanted to see more of the beasts that inhabited the planet(s) I would be rampaging about.

All in all, The Art of Titanfall is a good book. Even if you don’t care to read about where the inspiration for that particular building came from, it’s still full of pretty pictures to look at. The book can be purchased from bookstores or online retailers for $34.95 and is published by Titanbooks.

Overall Score
80 %

It was enjoyable to read about the ideas that went into a particular piece of armor or map. If you're not an enthusiastic fan of the game, you might not enjoy the book as much.

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