When I was told about Sick/Sea’s new EP Moral Compass coming out, I was given the following description:

“Theirs are songs of life and love and the discernment gained through human relationship.”

The description was not far from the feeling I got from the album. I found myself encased within Audrey Scott’s peaceful vocals along with the bass riff, guitar chords, and drumming by both Audrey and her brother Cameron; creating a sound that may be similar to other bands, yet it is different in its own right. There are five songs that are full of emotion and stories.

The first track “Parasite” evokes a story about how a relationship is ended by a betrayal. It starts off with a riff that touches you to your core, begging for more. The lyrical side of the song provides a fresh angle to look at things; where a relationship doesn’t necessarily end completely after finding out about such an act. The upbeat rhythm does nothing less than provide a rich accent to the lyrics.

In the next track, “Robot”, we get something that can either be part of the same story within “Parasite,” or something new all-together. The song is covered by a bass riff that is nothing short of catchy, with a drumming rhythm that progresses the song. We hear of how after a relationship may end, it does not mean you can’t enjoy your life. Enjoying it moment by moment, thinking about the now, forgetting the past, and letting the future become the present without worry. I found myself hitting the repeat button quite a bit on this song, and their music video is quite an entertaining one as well (check it down below).

I found myself hitting repeat a large amount on the final song “Blinked” as well; where we hear Audrey singing about something I didn’t think woman could even speak of: the “friend zone.” We learn that not just Audrey, but every female knows of the “friend zone.” Right there I felt there was some sort of glitch in the matrix, this world can’t be real. But alas, upon repeating this song well over a dozen times I found it was not a mistake. The second thing I learned in this song is that sometimes you get “friend-zoned” without the girl’s knowledge of it. Even girls make the mistake of not knowing what you have until it’s gone. If I was forced to pick a song I felt was the “best” I would have to go with this song. It is not only something that blew my mind, but also one of the slower songs in the album, showing that this EP is not always just about upbeat songs about relationships; it is also about slower songs about what could have been.

If you are looking for an album about relationships, whether it’s a recent breakup, missing someone you wish you had, or someone cheating, you have a song for that in the EP. I am not sure when, but I noticed how I kept playing this album just for my own personal entertainment as opposed to listening for the review. I still listen to them weeks after working out what I wanted to say for this. Autumn+Colour Records got it right when they picked up this band.  So if you have 5 bucks laying around pre-order the album now at Autumn+Colour’s site, or buy it October 16th. I know I will be.

If you can’t wait until then, check out their EP Oh Ship they released last year that’s available for only five dollars.


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  1. Darryl says:

    I really liked your review and have to say I agree. 🙂