Friday. The last day of!’s self declared Scott Pilgrim week.

I guess that means that it’s finally time to get down to the nitty-gritty as they say and provide you with those final reviews that you’ve been waiting for. I’m also going to take a quick look at everything else Scott Pilgrim related that we haven’t talked about yet.

Let’s finish this.



For more about the comics check out the more lengthy summaries/reviews from earlier during Scott Pilgrim Week.

Scott Pilgrim’s Precious Little Life: 5/5 – When it comes to Scott Pilgrim, this is as near as I can describe to perfect. The first volume is the start of six-year journey with an amazing story and characters that are easy to get involved in.

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World: 5/5 – I feel that the second volume is a fantastic way to continue the series. Many would expect the sequel to focus largely on the fight between Scott and Ramona’s next ex, but instead we get a lot of great character development that let’s readers care more about the characters and the overall story instead of just action.

Scott Pilgrim & the Infinite Sadness: 4.5/5 – In this volume we get a lot of back-story, that at times bogs down the main storyline. However, in the end (Vol. 6) we realize that all the back-story is actually quite important.

Scott Pilgrim Gets it Together: 5/5 – The fourth volume is my favorite of the series. It once again focuses more on character development, and rather than having the ex of the book be the main focus instead the ex is used to highlight the great sub-plots that happen.

Scott Pilgrim vs. the Universe: 4/5 – And Ramona leaves Scott. Everything about this volume works pretty well, but I think the growing tension between Scott and Ramona could have been explained/portrayed a little better.

Scott Pilgrim’s Finest Hour: 3/5 – This has one of my favorite moments in the series (Scott’s wilderness sabbatical), plus it tries to explain everything that has happened over the past five volumes. Unfortunately, it becomes a little confusing and leaves something to be desired in the end.

The Whole Thing: 4.5/5 – Overall, the Scott Pilgrim series is one of my favorite comics ever. Some people may find the constant shifts between total plausibility and the impossible rather jarring, but I think that it allowed Brian Lee O’Malley to tell a wonderful story. Others might find the black-and-white manga-inspired art to be not up to par with modern comics, but again I think it works very well for what O’Malley was trying to do. My only complaint about it is that the ending is quite a bit harder to follow than the rest of the series, which threw me for a loop the first time I read it.

The Movie

For a more lengthy discussion of the movie and Blu-Ray check out the rest of Scott Pilgrim Week.

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World: 4.5/5 – As I said during the lengthy talk about the movie yesterday, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World has become one of my favorite films ever. And while the story they chose is not perfect (I’m telling you, they should have stuck with the Scott/Knives ending, it would have made so much more sense), the film is one of the most visually and acoustically stimulating things to come out of Hollywood in recent history.

The Blu-Ray: 5/5 – Regardless of any problems with the movie itself, this is one of the best Blu-Rays on the market today. Both the audio and video transfers are near perfect and the endless number of special features would keep even the most hardcore Scott Pilgrim fan occupied for weeks.


The Scott Pilgrim experience is lived primarily in the world of comics and movies, but it doesn’t have to stop there because there is so much more if you just take the time to look.

The Video Game

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World: The Game is a little side-scrolling fighting game that was released for download on the XBox 360, and later the PS3. It follows in the tradition of older arcade games like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles or X-Men. It’s even 8-bit! It’s definitely worth a play-through.


Not only can you get the official Scott Pilgrim vs. the World movie soundtrack (which is awesome because you can listen to Sex Bob-Omb whenever you want), but you can also pick up the score (which has ever little musical cue from the movie on it). Plus there’s the video game soundtrack which features some sweet 8-bit style music. And if even that doesn’t suit you, there’s a plethora of Scott Pilgrim inspired songs on the good ol’ YouTube.


The amount of merchandise for something that was once defined as “hipster trash” is quite outstanding. You can buy anything from Scott Pilgrim action figures to Ramona keychains. And since Scott Pilgrim were so influenced by real life you can go find every shirt that Scott wears in both the movie and comic (to get you started: his trademark “SP” shirt is a Smashing Pumpkins shirt).


And… that’s it. That’s all I’ve got for you guys. So have a great weekend and from me and all the staff at!: Go read some comics. Watch some movies. Listen to music. And live. Never stop living.

You know – like Mister Immortal.

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