What started out as a small Canadian comic book that most people viewed as “hipster trash” has quickly risen to become an incredibly popular franchise that is on its way to becoming universally loved.

Yesterday I ran you guys through the first three volumes of the graphic novels. Today we’re going to finish that journey.

A caution though — If you haven’t read the books, this is going to be full of spoilers. If you think you know everything that happens because you’ve seen the movie, you are about to be sorely mistaken.

And now: Scott Pilgrim Week, Part 2:

Scott Pilgrim Vol. 4: Scott Pilgrim Gets It Together

We last left our protagonist Scott at a pretty good point. Things seemed to be going quite well for him. His relationship was in order and he just managed to defeat her third evil-ex-boyfriend. He had even gotten over his ex, Envy Adams. For Scott at least, life was pretty darn good.

Volume four starts with something incredibly unique in this series: Color. A short colored section of the first chapter spices up what is my personal favorite volume of Scott Pilgrim.

The Scott Pilgrim movie was incredibly accurate in it’s portrayal of the first volume of the graphic novel. Even the second volume was fairly accurately represented. The third wasn’t covered as well, and by the fourth there is a massive amount being left out (for a comparison of the movie and the graphic novels, come back tomorrow).

Let’s take a look at what happens.

Vol. 4 starts off with Scott and all of his friends simply living. They are chilling out on a beach and then party (with lots of alcohol). Following this we get a general sense of Scott’s life. He goes grocery shopping with Wallace and then he helps Kim move into her new place. While there, Stepehn Stills notices one of Kim’s new roommates, Joseph, has a home recording studio.

This causes Sex Bob-Omb to pretty much fall apart as for the rest of the series they are caught up in (boring) recording sessions. But Stephen insists they need an album or something, so they go along with it.

Then we see Scott and Ramona go on a date. While Scott believes that everything is peachy keen, we’re able to tell that everything is not all well, and at the moment, their relationship is pretty shallow…

The next day a heat wave strikes and Wallace tells Scott he can’t stay inside, so he goes to the mall where he happens to run into Lisa (who if you recall, we met during Scott’s flashback to high school).

Lisa is just passing through town on her way to the states, but for the time being, she is staying with her sister and starts hanging out with Scott and the gang.

At this point in the story you might be wondering: “Where’s the fights?” or “What’s all this realistic crap?” Well it’s called story and it’s developing characters and showing what they’re like. It’s important in the long run.

Anyhow, Ramona continues to seem rather distant, and Scott’s still oblivious. Eventually (after being pestered), Scott lands a job at Stephen’s workplace. On his way home, he and Kim narrowly escape being killed by a guy with a sword.

So the story proceeds in this fashion for a while longer. Some people may find this boring or tedious but, as I stated, its some great character development. Scott is also attacked by a random girl, who he later spots having lunch with Ramona.

It turns out that this is Ramona’s next ex. Scott and Ramona also end up in a fight and Scott, who recently moved in with her, is forced to find a place to stay. The only place he ends up finding is Lisa’s. Needless to say, this does not help the situation as Lisa is what they started fighting over in the first place.

Lisa suggests they… have an affair would be the simplest way of putting it.

Now I’m having a hard time summing up the ridiculous amount of information that gets thrown our way next…

Scott doesn’t sleep with Lisa and the next day goes to get back his recently lost job. The man with the sword is Knives’ dad, out to get revenge for his daughter, and Scott runs away. He takes a subspace tunnel (which is what Ramona uses to travel quickly when delivering packages and also to travel through Scott’s dreams) but when in there sees Ramona’s dream, in which she is sitting at the feet of some other guy. Then she busts both herself and Scott out of her dream and they are at her place.

<insert heavy breath here>

Scott tells Ramona where he slept and Ramona is suddenly shocked (her head glows some more, it happens more and more frequently). Scott tells her it is nothing and right as he is about to tell Ramona he loves her Roxxy, Ramona’s ex, walks downstairs.

Scott’s head glows.

He walks around town for a while and destroys Nega-Scott (an evil version of himself) before charging back for Ramona. Knives’ dad is there. A massive fight involving Roxxy, Scott, and Mr. Chau ensues and eventually Scott destroys Roxxy with the power of love (a sword he pulls from his chest) and gains Mr. Chau’s forgivness. Once again everything ends on a good note. Also, Lisa leaves.

A lot happens in this volume… but it’s good stuff.

Scott Pilgrim Vol. 5: Scott Pilgrim vs. The Universe

As opposed to the last volume, this one does not have a ton happening in it.

Ramona’s next ex(s) are twins and they are introduced right at the beginning. They use robots to fight, and it is awesome. The fight is broken up over time and lasts for essentially the whole volume. In the end of the fight the twins take Kim hostage and Kim lies to Scott, telling her Ramona can’t wait for him to come home and see her.

Why is this a lie? Because everything else in this volume is Ramona’s slow transition into a distant person, and her and Scott’s relationship falling apart. She also finally becomes aware that her head is glowing and freaks out. Why? You don’t find out yet.

Anyhow, Kim’s lie works and Scott defeats the twins and heads home. Meanwhile, Kim is left alone to head home and it is clear there is still something going on with Kim regarding Scott.

Scott returns home to find Ramona sitting on the bed. Her head glows increasingly bright and she disappears.

Scott then gets locked out of her house and proceeds to live from house to house of his friends. He is emotionally distraught and doesn’t know what to do other then work and wonder around. Kim also moves home since the band is essentially over and done with.

The volume ends with Scott getting a call from Gideon, Ramona’s last ex, asking when Scott wants to die.

Scott Pilgrim Vol. 6: Scott Pilgrim’s Finest Hour

This is (was) it guys. The end of Scott Pilgrim.

So Scott is totally not over Ramona at all. On the plus sides, his parents hooked him up with an apartment. On the minus side… everything else.

Stephen has a new band and Scott goes to watch them. He sees Knives, and then sees Envy later on. He remembers both relationships and being absolutely perfect and how awesome of a boyfriend he was (hint, he really wasn’t).

In the end Scott really hasn’t learned anything yet and so, Wallace sends him off on a “wilderness sabbatical” at Kim’s house. They talk.

They kiss.

But Kim says no. And explains that their first relationship wasn’t all fun and games as Scott remembers it. Scott’s head starts glowing and Negascott shows up again and this time kicks Scott’s a**.

Kim shouts at him during the fight and tells him that he needs to learn from his past mistakes or he’ll keep making them over and over again.  He nearly gets killed but then thinks of Ramona and finally remembers everything he’s repressed about all his relationships, especially the one he has with Ramona. And so, he heads back  home to fight Gideon and win back the girl of his dreams.

Envy now works for and is dating Gideon, and Gideon is a dick. So Scott and he start fighting but Gideon kills him.

And that’s it.


Actually, Scott wakes up in the dream world and Ramona shows up and they talk, and make amends. Then Scott uses that extra life he earned and comes back to life. Plus Ramona bursts out of his chest! And so they start fighting. Gideon uses the “power of love” that he stole from Scott and both Ramona and Scott’s heads start to glow. They also fight with each other (verbally) even though they just made up in dream-world.

And then Gideon kills Ramona when she starts to glow and disappear again.

Ok. Now bear with me, because this is where things get complicated (Yes. I know this volume is already ridiculously complicated and overly hard to follow at times, but its still about to get worse).

Gideon invented the “The Glow,” which happens throughout the series when Ramona or Scott’s head starts to glow. What it is, is an emotional warfare weapon, and Ramona (and in turn, kind of Scott) learned to use it as a teleportation kind of thing (thus the subspace highway and dream-walking or whatever you want to call it). So Scott has the brilliant idea of crawling in Ramona’s bag (which it turns out is a way of entering Ramona’s mind (Gideon’s fault). When he’s in there he fights evil-monster-super-Gideon, thinks he defeats him with the power of the glow, and then gets killed… again. But then, since it’s a dream Ramona (Gideon-slave-version) stands up to Gideon and defends Scott, which somehow makes her live again in real life…

So Ramona’s bag explodes. And she gets the “power of love” which heals her wounds. Then Scott realizes that he and Gideon weren’t so different at one point and earns “the power of understanding” (he gets a new T-Shirt in addition to a sword). So Gideon pulls a sword out of Envy’s dress (‘cause he’s evil) and they fight.

Gideon reveals that he too has been using the Subspace Highway. But he uses it to mess with Scott’s memory and make him remember things incorrectly (explaining so much throughout the series). So then he gets killed.

And that’s pretty much it. Things are wrapped up. Everyone gets closure. This happens:

Oh that crazy Stephen Stills...

Also Kim and Scott start a new band. And then Ramona and Scott go on to live happily ever after.

And this was the most confusing thing ever… Seriously, I had to read it like six times before I understood everything to the point that I’m overly confident that I can explain it to people. Which is what I hope I did here.

But the thing is, I didn’t really care. Because its still Scott Pilgrim, and that never lets me down.

See ya’ tomorrow!

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